Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Topps Now Sox

A few weeks back, I posted the first trio of Topps Now Red Sox cards to appear this season, all three of which featured slugger David Ortiz.  Today I've got the next four...

Ah May 12th, back when the offense was really cooking!  Actually, in all fairness the offense is still performing very well to date, and it's been pitching that's hurt the Sox in recent weeks.  The front office seems to be doing something about it at least, having brought in a couple of different bullpen arms in trade over the last two weeks alone.

Side note, I guess this counts as 1/4 of a new card for my Xander Bogaerts collection?

This card really pays tribute to three different events; David Ortiz passing Ernie Banks and Eddie Mathews on the all-time HR list, David Ortiz winning this particular game with a walk-off hit, and lastly team prankster Joe Kelly splashing David with a cup full of flour like an idiot.

As the calendar moved into late May, Boston baseball fans were watching in anticipation each night to see if outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. could keep his surprise hitting streak going.  To me, the most impressive part about the run he had was that he wasn't just squeaking out infield singles each night, or bunting his way on base.  The guy was absolutely crushing the ball, which is evident on this card as it's noted that he went yard in the 25th game of the streak.

A few days later, Bradley Jr. got another Topps Now card for reaching the halfway point of Joe DiMaggio's streak.  I don't think many folks were under the delusion that he'd catch Joltin' Joe, but I was interested to see whether he could break the Red Sox franchise record, which is actually held by Joe's brother Dom DiMaggio (he did not).

So, there's another four Topps Now Sox.  All told, Boston was responsible for 7 of the first 100 Topps Now cards.


Jeff Jones said...

I've yet to pick one of these up. Though it's been pretty easy, I think the Braves have one

Tony L. said...

Actually, the Braves have had three -- a walk-off HR by Freddie Freeman, Freeman hitting for the cycle, and Julio Teheran's 1-hit, complete game shutout of the Mets.

I feel for the Red Sox fans, though. If you're trying to be complete about collecting all the Topps Now cards, you've already had seven Ortiz cards alone. I worry that, if he finishes the season with an 0-fer, we might get a photo of Ortiz in the bathroom captioned, "Ortiz has last bowel movement of his career". :-) In all seriousness, Topps has been trying its damndest to drain Red Sox Nation's pockets. With a print run on that most recent Ortiz of 4,506, it looks like Topps is succeeding.

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