Saturday, July 30, 2016

Buyback Franken-set - Laying the Foundation for a Trade Package

Buybacks again?  Yup!  It's been a week since I evaluated any new buyback cards for my franken-set so I'm due to keep this project moving along here.  The ten cards I have today may not be the most exciting grouping, but all ten make the set since they currently have no competition for their respective slots.  More importantly, a couple of cards in the post lay the groundwork for a post on a great trade package I received recently.

Enough chatter, let's dive in...

#201 - 1979 Mike Edwards Record Breaker

Record breaker cards are some of my favorite buybacks to acquire, and they definitely get a leg up on the competition when it comes to this franken-set.  This one signifies the two unassisted double plays that Mike Edwards turned on August 10th, 1978.  An obscure record for sure, but one he still holds actually as far as I can tell.  This one is great for my set as it comes right before the Ron Guidry record breaker that I kicked off my last franken-set post with.

#168 - 1966 Dan Osinski

To me Dan Osinski is most associated with being a member of the bullpen staff on the 1967 "Impossible Dream" Red Sox team.  Not a very exciting card here, I'd love nothing more than to bump this one from slot 168 in the binder, but at this point it's my only option.

#404 - 1973 Chuck Brinkman

Chuck Brinkman hit one career home run.  It came during the 1973 season, which is also the year he appeared in a career high number of games, and drove in 10 of his 12 career runs batted in.  I guess that makes this the best Chuck Brinkman card one could acquire?  Either way, cool specs Chuck.

#248 - 1969 Bob Priddy

About the only thing that bugs me more than hatless players on my vintage cards would be blacked out logos like you see here.  The second I acquire another #248 Bob Priddy is out!

#688 - 1978 George Mitterwald

George Mitterwald is relatively safely entrenched in the binder, simply because he's not going to get much competition all the way up at #688.

#487 - 1979 Miguel Dilone

Did you know that in 1980 Miguel Dilone actually batted over .340, and even got a couple MVP votes?  I honestly had no idea.

#213 - 1974 Dave Rader

An early-career card of catcher Dave Rader hanging around at batting practice.  Dave actually played for the Red Sox during his final season in 1980.

#386 - 1979 Francisco Barrios

Sort of a sad story with this one, which features pitcher Francisco Barrios sporting Chris Sale's favorite uniform.  After enjoying some initial success at the Major League level, Barrios declined and found himself pitching in the Mexican Pacific League by the time he was in his late 20s.  Before he could stage his MLB comeback he passed away from an accidental overdose at just 28 years of age.

 #453 - 1975 Claude Osteen

Some heavy airbrushing here as Claude Osteen had just been dealt from the Astros to the Cardinals in August of '74.  Apparently St. Louis wasn't all that impressed with Claude, who was in the twilight of his career, as they released him in April of '75 limiting his Cardinals career to 8 games pitched.

#496 - 1976 Juan Beniquez

A member of the famed 1975 Red Sox team, Juan Beniquez was dealt to the Rangers following that season in the trade that brought Fergie Jenkins to Boston.  So, that's probably Red Sox gear underneath that airbrushing.

Like I said, not the most inspiring grouping of ten cards there.  In a set/project as large as this one though, the reality is there's going to be some filler...

Franken-set Progress:  72/792 (9%)

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Fuji said...

Seven more cards to the 10% mark. You're making excellent progress. Being a kid who studied and memorized those American League Red Books... I vaguely remember Dilone's .340 batting average back in the day.

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