Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Buyback Franken-set: Sportlots 4-pack

Quick quartet of buybacks today, that I picked up from a seller on Sportlots just because they were dirt cheap, and because the cost to ship four cards was the same as the cost to ship one...

1969 Topps #89 - Russ Gibson

Yes, this Russ Gibson is completely beat to hell.  It's probably one of the worst-conditioned buybacks I've encountered over the course of this project so far.  The thing is, it's a Red Sox buyback, it's a number that was previously missing from the franken-set, and it was listed for the bare minimum price of 18 cents.  It's hard for me to turn down any buyback for less than a quarter, so here we are.

1975 Topps #639 - Steve Kline

As I expected, the higher numbered portion of the franken-set has been the toughest to complete so far, so any buyback numbered 600 or above carries a little extra weight for me.  That's why, despite the mystery stain/mark all over the front of this one, I just couldn't resist.  In fact, this part of the set is so sparsely populated that Steve has a page of his own in the binder at this point.

1975 Topps #657

Along those same lines here's another, this one just about as high a number '75 as you can get.  A late-season trade in 1974 sent Bob Oliver to Baltimore from the Angels, thus the terrible airbrush job we are treated to here.  After just 9 games in Baltimore to finish out the '74 season the Yankees picked up his contract.  Pretty cool to get a short term stop card into the set.

1962 Topps #112 - Hank Foiles

Last one for today, journeyman backup catcher Hank Foiles.  I picked this one up because I love the photo (especially that shoulder patch!), because I don't have many '62s in the binder yet, and because it set me back just 48 cents.

Four previously empty slots now filled in the binder for just a couple bucks, I'll take that!

Franken-set Progress:  311/792 (39%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  83
Total Buybacks in Collection:  394


Brett Alan said...

I guess the lousy condition cards just carries on the tradition of dismal quality control from those 75s. (The Kline isn't as bad as the Oliver, but it ain't good.)

Commishbob said...

The Hank Foiles card is one of my favorite 62s. Great shot and you're right, the patch is cool.

Hackenbush said...

The Foiles is a great buy, Buyback or not. Both 75's are not good looking. But that's not really the point.

Anonymous said...

Two 1975's, two Orioles, two questionable airbrush jobs... that's a great post in my book!

...And I made sure to flag that Foiles card as a "want" in my database.

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