Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fedorovs

I hope to have the next two packs of 1995-96 Upper Deck Series 1 hockey scanned and posted this evening. In the meantime here's 9 Sergei Fedorov cards that I recently added to the collection:

1995-96 Upper Deck (Electric Ice)

Sergei's 1995-96 Upper Deck card comes in Series 2, so I won't be pulling this one from my wax box.

1993-94 Upper Deck SP

This one was on my want list, someday I'd like to complete this insert set. I'm slightly more than half-way there.

1998-99 Topps Gold Label

I wasn't collecting at all in the late 90's, so this is my first card from this set. It's pretty classy looking and the card stock is quite thick.

1999-00 Upper Deck SP Authentic Supreme Skill

1995-96 Fleer Ultra Premier Pivots

I always thought that Fleer Ultra's inserts were some of the best of the early/mid-90's, however I'm not crazy about the 1995-96 Premier Pivot cards. They're a little too busy for my liking.

1992-93 Pinnacle Team 2000

I thought these cards were the best back in the day. I think I may have even had the Fedorov, but if so my original copy is long lost, along with most of my childhood collection.

1995-96 Upper Deck Special Edition

2001-02 Upper Deck MVP Talent

Another insert from the time period where I couldn't have cared less about cards. I think this is actually a pretty nice looking card though, especially for the MVP set which is a lower-end product. If inserts in recent MVP sets looked more like this I might actually buy some packs.

1999-00 Upper Deck MVP Stanley Cup Talent

These bring the total number of cards in my paltry Sergei Fedorov collection up to 49 and counting...

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