Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monster Trade from Reader Daniel - Part 2

Way back at the beginning of the year, I posted the first part of a huge trade with reader Daniel. This package was so impressive that I can't let posting the rest of it get away from me. So, here's the second post of six, some 1988-89 Topps hockey. Included in the package were close to 20 cards off my want list for this set, which takes me down to just eleven cards shy of completion. Here are a couple of my favorites:

#25 - Clint Malarchuk

I always think of Malarchuk as a Sabre, but he did play two seasons with the Caps.

#49 - Chris Chelios

One of the last big names I was missing, much appreciated!

#118 - Ken Linseman

Little known fact, Linseman was briefly a member of the Hartford Whalers in 1983 but was traded to the Oilers without ever suiting up for Hartford. Worked out pretty well for Ken, as he won a Cup with Edmonton that season.

#123 - Pat LaFontaine

LaFontaine was an early example of a player's career ending all too early because of concussions. Luckily he had logged enough time before the injuries to accumulate Hall-of-Fame numbers (he was elected in 2003). He was still producing at a high level before he was injured though, with 91 points in the season before his serious concussion. Who knows how many more times he may have lit the lamp if it weren't for Francois Leroux's cheap shot...

#134 - Bob Sweeney

#176 - Steve Kasper

The large lot I got from the hobby shop to get me started on my set was virtually devoid of Bruins, so these two were a big help.

#179 - Paul Coffey

I hope to have the next installment of this trade posted soon.

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