Sunday, October 30, 2011

Football Sunday

Football cards seem to keep finding their way into my collection lately. With the 5-1 Patriots squaring off against the 5-2 Steelers in a few minutes, I figured it was an appropriate time to show off the latest few, which were part of a great prize package from Casey at Drop the Gloves. I was lucky enough to be paired up with Tyler Seguin in his contest, and thanks to his assist on the first goal of the season I received a healthy stack of cards from all four major sports. I'm working on a much larger thank you post for Casey, but in the meantime here are the four football cards that were included in the package. A couple of guys who will see action today against Pittsburgh, and a couple who won't. For starters there were three rookie cards from this year's Topps football set:

Taken by the Pats in the third round of last year's draft after falling much farther than originally predicted (6 other QBs were taken before him). Currently the third stringer behind Brady and Hoyer.

The team's second round pick from the 2011 draft, just before Mallett. Vereen's been in the lineup for the last three games, but has yet to get a carry. Will today be his day?

Stevan's gotten touches in 5 of 6 games so far this season. Without question his best day was a 97-yard performance (with a touchdown) against Oakland in week 4.

The fourth and final card is this Devin McCourty rookie from last year's Panini Prestige set. After an impressive Pro-Bowl rookie season, McCourty has cooled down quite a bit this year. Hopefully he doesn't get scorched today...

I'm checking out to go watch the game with a few cold ones, but check back later tonight for October's Card of the Month.


TJ said...

So, we got scorched...ugh.

Drop The Gloves! said...

Stupid Pats; they gotta run Ridley more!

At least we have the Brui...oh wait, nevermind.

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