Saturday, October 8, 2011

Four New '71s

I only have time for an extremely quick post today, and it's been some time since I last posted baseball, so here are four 1971 Topps cards. Picked these up at the hobby shop a few months back and they've been in draft state forever.

#329 - World Series Game 3

#67 - AL ERA Leaders

#245 - Jim Kaat

#340 - Rico Petrocelli

Easily my favorite of the bunch...

So there you go, four new additions to my 1971 Topps collection. I picked these four out in particular because the lot contains some pretty damn good players and the cards are in fantastic condition for '71 Topps. Best part is, the shop owner charged me just $2 a piece for these.


Captain Canuck said...

those look in great shape. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Those things look razor sharp. '71 OPC never looks like tahat. Very nice!

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