Friday, April 12, 2013

Adrian Gonzalez, We Hardly Knew Ye - Another Printing Plate and Crossing the 50 Card Threshold

After Adrian Gonzalez's brief couple of seasons here in Boston, I decided to try to collect as many cards depicting him with the Red Sox as possible. It's been a while since I updated my count, and with Gonzalez in the news today for failing to protect his pitcher during a charging of the mound yesterday, I figured it was the perfect time.  Here's a few recent additions...

I've got just about all of the 2011 Diamond Anniversary Red Sox at this point, but was still missing this one until I grabbed a copy on COMC for $.75.

This 2012 Topps Chrome base card was acquired in a recent trade, with Brad from Brad's blog.  I had almost every colored refractor parallel of this card, and even a couple of printing plates, but not the base card until Brad sent it to me.

Numbered to 562, this 2011 Heritage Chrome Refractor is another recent COMC pick-up.  With a book value of $6 this one seemed like a total score for the $.88 I paid for it.

Here's another one from COMC, another card closer to a 2011 Topps Chrome rainbow.

This Hope Blue Diamond parallel from the 2011 Topps Update set is really a slick-looking card.  I've seen a few of these posted elsewhere but in hand they look a lot nicer than the standard Diamond Anniversary parallels.  They are serial numbered to a relatively scant 60 copies each, so I was happy to fork over the $5 that it cost me to win this one on eBay.

Finally, I've saved the best for last, here's my latest Gonzalez printing plate.  This was the yellow plate that was used to print Adrian's 2012 Topps Archives base card.

This is the sixth Gonzalez printing plate I've been fortunate enough to snag.  I've missed out on a few because I'm not really willing to pay $20+ for one of these things, but I landed this one for the very reasonable cost of $10.01 plus a couple bucks shipping.

These six cards take me over the 50-card mark in the collection, and I'm also just four plates away now from my goal of having 10 of these things by year end!

Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox Cards - Count

Total Cards - 52

#'d /2011 - 1
#'d /999 - 1
#'d/562 - 1
#'d/199 - 1
#'d/100 - 2
#'d/99 - 1
#'d/75 - 1
#'d /60 -2
#'d/50 - 2
#'d/25 - 2
#'d/10 - 1
1/1 - 7
Relics - 1
Silk - 1
Autographs - 1
Printing Plates - 6

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