Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Sportscards from the Dollar Store

Douglas from Sports Cards from the Dollar Store and I have been trading quite a bit, in fact it's gotten to the point where I never even remember whose turn it is anymore, I just pile up cards and send them out when I've got enough to fill a bubble mailer.  The last package I received came in a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got around to scanning and inventorying all the cards.

As usual, there were some Whalers cards to be found.  I actually needed at least 10 of them, which is pretty damn good for any package at this point.  I'll show the rest in a moment, but first...

...a random David Krejci card.  While I've basically abandoned my Krejci player collection, I still appreciate a chance to add a new one to my collection.  I picked up just a single pack of 2011-12 Upper Deck Victory just to get a taste, and wasn't fortunate enough to land this one.

Douglas sent the majority of a 1992-93 Score Canadian team set in a previous package, and Bergevin was one of the few I was still missing.

This is my first Glen Featherstone card, which will come into play soon on my Whalers Hockey Cards blog.

Here's one that was on my Zistle want list, Verbeek's base card from the 1994-95 Leaf Limited set.

A fantastic, brand-spanking-new Whalers card, from 2012-13 SP Game Used!  This one makes a  single card team set and was one I'd been watching on eBay and COMC.  Really nice to grab this card in a trade, especially since Douglas was kind enough to pick it out specifically for me.

Here was the centerpiece of the deal, a Pat Verbeek Materials relic from the 2011-12 Panini Limited set.  This is a really sleek-looking card and features a swatch that's actually a Whalers color.  This one's also numbered to 99 copies, not too bad.  This is my one and only Verbeek relic.

Another card closer to my 1993-94 Pinnacle team set.

This set's a first for me, 1995-96 Pinnacle Summit.  This would be right around when I got out of card collecting the first time around.

Finally, a Sean Burke Topps Premier base that I probably owned 15 years ago but don't any longer.  Another one bites the dust off of the Zistle want list.

This package wasn't all about Whalers though, there were some set needs as well:

When I got back into collecting in 2007, I decided I wanted to hand collate the entire 1990-91 Upper Deck hockey set.  I busted a wax box of both the high and low series, scanned and sorted and updated my want list.  6 years later I've already picked up one or two complete sets over time but still feel like I want to finish my hand-collated one.  This package put me quite a few cards closer.

I won't show them all, but there were at least 10-12 anyway.  Only a few stragglers left and I'll be done with this one.

Inside the package were 20+ cards towards my 2013 Topps set.

Again, I won't show them all, but there's a small sampling.  I've seen this Darwin Barney card pictured about 900 times at this point, nice to finally have my own copy.  I'm actually getting close with this one, and thanks to an upcoming trade I should have Series 1 finished off before Series 2 hits shelves.  That would be a first for me!

Finally, in closing, here's a Red Sox card I've also been chasing for some time, Wade Boggs from the 1987 Topps Glossy All-Star set.

Thanks for another great trade Douglas!  As usual, it was thoughtful and right up my alley.  I'll be in touch soon when I've got enough cards to warrant sending another envelope to Canada.


Hackenbush said...

love the Nesterenko!

Michael Chase said...

A lot of those hockey cards look familiar. I really wish I could find my old stash!!!

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