Saturday, April 27, 2013

Canvas Sniper

I'm bogged down with a lot of scanning for a gigantic upcoming trade post, so just a quick one-card post for this evening.  Tonight's card comes from one of my favorite hockey insert sets from the past couple of seasons, the Canvas inserts from the flagship Upper Deck set.  The short-printed retired stars at the end of the 2011-12 checklist are particularly nice, and sell for a pretty penny (when you can find them).  For the longest time Mario Lemieux was the only one I had, but recently I was able to add a second retired star to my collection:

What a great shot of one of the best pure goal scorers in history, presumably celebrating after doing what he did best.  This photo has a lot going for it, from the placement of the NHL puck on the boards, to the fact that the fan at far left (whose face is obscured by the Upper Deck logo) is mimicking Brett's pose almost perfectly.

Another nice portrait shot on the back, and look at those goal totals!  I'm not the first person to say this, but I would have to say that Brett was the best pure goal scorer that I have ever seen play myself, in person.

I know I'll never track down all of these Canvas retired stars, but you can bet if I find them for less than the cost of a blaster, as I did this one, I'm pulling the trigger!

1 comment:

JediJeff said...

Great card of a great player. The only downside is those dreadful uniforms.

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