Thursday, May 9, 2013

1953 Topps Project - Bob Porterfield

Let's knock off another card for my 1953 Topps Project this evening.  Tonight's subject is Bob Porterfield of the Washington Senators:

Porterfield is not exactly a household name, but he enjoyed a more notable career than I had realized when I first picked up this card.  He came up through the Yankees system in the late '40s before being dealt to the Senators in 1951. 

Of all the Bob Porterfield cards out there, this would be the one I'd take if I could choose just one.*  That's because 1953 was Porterfield's career year, his lone gem amongst a sea of mediocrity.  Aside from 1953, Porterfield reached double digits in wins just three times (13 being his best total), but lost more games than he won all three of those seasons.  In '53 though, Bob was dealing for sure!  He paced the league with 22 wins (to just 10 losses), 24 complete games (yes, you read that correctly) and 9 shutouts!  The Cy Young Award didn't exist back in 1953, but if it had there's a good chance the guy you're looking at above would have been your winner.  As it stands he was named The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year.

Porterfield's name was actually Erwin Coolidge Porterfield.  I can see why he adopted Bob.  Aside from his impressive 1953 season he clubbed half a dozen home runs and went on the play for my hometown team, the Red Sox.  I'm definitely grateful to have added this one to my set.

*I'm guessing this is the first time that sentence has ever been written by anyone

Set Progress:  53 of 274 (19%)

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Michael Chase said...

Great card! I love the 53 set myself.

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