Monday, May 20, 2013

Zistle Trade with Justin aka Lightningfan7609 aka The Hopeful Chase

Recently I completed (well, sort of, my cards are going out tomorrow) a quick Zistle trade with a member named Lightningfan7609.  It was only once he sent me his address that I realized he was Justin of The Hopeful Chase.  We've been trading for years!  Anyway, Justin was kind enough to knock some 2013 Topps Heritage Red Sox cards off my Zistle want list.  These are very much appreciated as I purchased just a single rack pack of Heritage this year, which resulted in only Stephen Drew towards my Red Sox team set.  Thanks to Justin I'm now four cards closer...

Here's a couple of guys who have both been swinging good bats lately.  Middlebrooks leads the team with 8 home runs and his batting average is finally above the Mendoza line to stay.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, has Hanrahan already thrown his final pitch in a Red Sox uniform?  We'll see how he does with recovery from Tommy John surgery.

Here's a guy enjoying a career year.  I have to admit I was skeptical of Nava being on the roster this year, but he has proven me wrong on quite a few occasions already.

Finally, another guy who has been very solid and a pleasant surprise, Ryan Dempster.  Justin also included utility infielder Pedro Ciriaco's card, but sadly he was lost at the hands of the USPS with a nasty ding in the lower right corner.  Off to the pile of bookend cards that I use when sending out trade packages.

Thanks for the cards Justin.  Finally got yours packaged up tonight and threw in a couple of extras to make up for the wait time.  Hopefully we'll trade again sometime down the line.

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