Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Red Sox from Brad

Time for another quick trade post, this one featuring some Red Sox cards I received a while back from Brad of Brad's Blog.  I shamelessly laid claim to a few Gypsy Queen minis Brad had pulled, and sent him a whole slew of Phillies cards in return.

Here's the Wade Boggs mini that initially caught my eye.  Well, one of them anway...

Brad also pulled the mini variation, which features Boggs swinging instead of in a batting stance.  Topps has really made a mess out of some of these products, I couldn't imagine trying to collect a master set of this stuff.

I like the photograph on this Pedroia mini.  I believe this is a standard mini but don't hold me to that.

Thanks to Zistle I found out that this Ted Williams mini is actually the photo variation version.  So, two standard minis and two variants, not bad!

Also included was this sweet Curly Neal A & G Back from last year's set.

2012 Bowman Gold parallel of the game's hottest pitcher (8-0 with best ERA in AL).

A nice Ortiz Gold parallel to match the Buchholz.

This was a really cool mini card that I had never seen.  It's from the 2003 Fleer Double Header set.

I'm really glad Brad included this Dustin Pedroia insert from last year's Archives release.  These were some of my favorite inserts from last year and it's really inexcusable that I hadn't tracked this one down sooner.

Five cards were thrown in from 2012 Bowman Platinum.

I didn't buy any of this so definitely needed each of these.

Another guy having a very good year so far.

Four base cards from the set...

...and a nice Will Middlebrooks Prospects insert.  Awesome card.

There were four of these Bowman Chrome Prospects cards included, I needed three of them.

You can't read the name easily on the scan, but this is Jackie Bradley Jr., who has been slow so far this season after a white hot Spring Training.

Xander Bogaerts is one of the top prospects in the organization, I've heard a TON about him on sports talk radio locally although I don't watch any minor league baseball so have never seen him play.  Hard to imagine he'll see the big league roster any time soon given the way Iglesias has been playing.

There were a couple of cards thrown in from the 1980 Topps set.  Somewhere I have a 600 count box of 1980 Topps that I got a steal of a deal on a few years back.  I've never sorted through it if you can believe that, so I have no idea what's included.

So I may already own copies of each of these two cards, but for now they're new to my scanned and cataloged collection.

Here's a gloriously off-center 1961 Topps Earl Wilson, nice!

Finally, in closing, another great insert from last year's Archives set.  I've needed a copy of this forever, especially since I already have one of the printing plates used to make it.

Thanks for another great trade Brad!  This package takes me to over 1,650 unique Red Sox cards and counting...


Brad's Blog said...

Glad you liked the cards, glad I hit on a lot of needs with the randomness!

shoeboxlegends said...

You certainly did, every single card I showed in this post was one I needed. I think there were maybe 5 dupes or so in the whole package. Thanks again.

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