Sunday, June 23, 2013

Buy My Baseball Cards - Ichiro Cards Added - Still Just $25 Shipped

Looking to unload some nice baseball cards here in an effort to purge and make some space.  Haven't had a taker for the lot yet, so let's add some more cards to the pile.  Be the first to leave a comment and send a Paypal payment of $25 to shanediaz82 at yahoo dot com and this will all be shipped to your door:

Joining the pile are half a dozen Ichiro cards, with a couple of notable cards in the lot.  Masterpieces green framed parallel is nice, especially for a Mariners card with a green outfield wall in the background.  Also a Topps Chrome, Heritage insert, Upper Deck All Star Classics, etc.  Best of all, these six depict Ichiro with his real team, the Seattle Mariners.  In addition to these Ichiro cards you'll receive:

Three of the framed parallels that everyone loves so much from last year's Gypsy Queen set.  Three big name Hall-of-Famers here in Mathews, Gehrig and Mantle, pains me a bit to part with these but I just have too many cards and it's time to condense.

In addition, I'm including half a dozen stars from 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  More Hall-of-Famers here including another Eddie Mathews, Carew, Schmidt, Palmer, etc.

You'll also get these 8 rookie cards of star players from last decade.  Longoria, Bruce, Fielder (x2!), Braun, Weaver, Uggla and Hanley Ramirez. 

And, finally, 9 inserts/parallels from various 2006 Fleer products.

Be the first to leave a comment and send a Paypal payment and I'll ship these to your door.  At 32 cards in the lot now you're looking at about 75 cents a card shipped, a bargain given a few of the cards in this lot.  Act now, or, wait it out and see what else gets added to the pile...

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Trevor said...

There's some really great cards in there! I really love the design of those 2007 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts.
Legacy Sports Cards

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