Sunday, June 23, 2013

Signature Sundays - Ellis Burks

This week's Signature Sundays card is another Topps Archives Fan Favorites Auto, and like last week's Oil Can Boyd card I've been wanting an autograph of this particular player for quite some time.

I remember Ellis Burks mostly as a member of the Red Sox, where he had some impressive seasons.  He racked up some numbers with the Rockies as well though.  Actually he fared pretty well just about everywhere he went, including San Francisco and Cleveland.  At times he had trouble staying healthy but despite that he racked up over 350 career home runs and averaged better than a hit-per-game (2,107 career hits in 2,000 career games).  400+ doubles and a .291 career average are nothing to scoff at either.  Best of all he returned to the Red Sox (in limited play) in 2004, ending his career by capturing a World series title with the same team that had drafted him more than 20 years prior.  Great story.

The 1990 Topps design brings back a lot of memories as that set came right at the beginning of my childhood collecting run.  A perfect card all around as far as this Red Sox fan is concerned, kudos to Topps for including Burks on the Fan Favorites Autographs checklist!

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Trevor said...

Awesome pull! Topps never fails to deliver the value that collectors are looking for and always does a fantastic job of bringing back memories of great sports icons and moments of the past. I love 2013 Topps Archives in particular because it reminds me of one of my favorite sets from the 90's and it gives collectors a great chance to pull something cool and different like an Ellis Burks auto!

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