Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coot Veal Red Sox - Part Four - Mo & The Rocket

Here's the fourth of six installments of the gigantic Red Sox package I received from Dustin of Coot Veal and the Vealtones.

This Mo Vaughn represents my very first 1996 Topps card.  I would have been in 8th grade at the time this set was released, so this card came out just as my interest started to drift away from sports and towards other things like music and girls.  Basically my collection is devoid of most anything from around 1996 through 2006, but those gaps are filling each week thanks to repacks and generous trade packages like this one.

Another Mo, his 1991 Score rookie card.  I'm pretty sure this one is super valuable, with a book value somewhere around $60.  Kidding of course but I'm happy to have one regardless.

This particular portion of the bubble mailer really focused around two players primarily, Vaughn and Roger Clemens.

A duo of '92 Score.  Shouldn't I have all of these cards at this point?

Here's a cool one, from the almost universally loved 1993 Upper Deck set featuring Roger alongside Frank Viola with a nice Fenway Park backdrop.

This 1992 Donruss is actually a Bonus Card insert, numbered BC3.

Quite a few Clemens' I needed here.

Aside from Clemens and Vaughn there were a handful of Andre Dawson cards.

This one, also from '93 Upper Deck, is unquestionably the best of those four.

Back to Mo Vaughn...

I've had the Electric Diamond parallel of this card forever, but not the original until now.

A random couple of Hall-of-Famer Jim Rice.  Jim's one of those Red Sox players that I'm dying to get an on-card autograph of.  Hopefully soon!

Closing it out, even more Mo.  Another 22 new Red Sox cards here, I've now got more than 1,800 unique Sox cards and counting.  At this rate it should not be a problem at all to make my goal of 2,000 by the end of the year.  Thanks again Dustin!

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