Sunday, June 16, 2013

Signature Sundays - Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd

I purchased exactly one rack pack of 2013 Topps Archives, and I won't be buying any more.  I don't know if it's the flimsy card stock, or the fact that I'm getting a bit burnt out on Topps reusing their vintage designs over and over, but I'm just not feeling it.  So, all of the cards I pulled (minus the David Ortiz) went straight to my trade box, and I'll be pursuing a Red Sox team set only.  As is the case for most sets I don't like, I can usually still find a silver lining, whether it's one certain card that worked for whatever reason, an entire subset, or a hit for example.  For this team collector, that silver lining with Topps Archives is the Fan Favorites Autograph.

These signed cards have been the best part about Topps Archives for the past two sets as far as I'm concerned.  I love everything about them really.  They're on-card and the player selection is very interesting.  Sure, you could get super lucky and land something like a Ken Griffey, Jr. or Nolan Ryan, but in all likelihood you'll be staring at Delino DeShields or Tom Brunansky once your wax has been ripped and the dust settles.  I don't mind that though, in fact I prefer it.  As someone who busts very little wax and collects almost entirely from the secondary market, I am excited at the chance to land autographs of some of these mid-level stars, guys ordinarily relegated to the commons box.  Today's card is a perfect example:

I've wanted an Oil Can Boyd auto for a long time now, years even.  My requirements weren't much, I just wanted the card to be licensed so that it would have a team name and logo, and the autograph to be on-card.  Sure, there was a beautiful (still is at the moment) Goudey Sport Royalty autograph listed on eBay if I didn't mind paying $52.  Thanks to 2013 Topps Archives I can finally cross Dennis off my list, and what a great looking card too!  This one ran me a whole $11.27, and I could have had it even cheaper than that had I been willing to wait a bit.  I had been waiting so long already that I would have paid $25 to $30 for this card if that's what the market had commanded.  I was ecstatic to land it for less than half that amount.

Well done Topps, thank you!

Have you picked up any Archives autos the past couple of years?

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