Sunday, May 7, 2017

Signature Sundays - Adam Lallana

It's been close to a month since I did a "Signature Sundays" post here on the blog, so I think I'm about due.  Given that I'm spending a relaxing Sunday morning enjoying a warm coffee and watching the Liverpool/Southampton Premier League match-up it seemed like the perfect time to dust this one off...

In fact, it really is the ideal time to show this Adam Lallana autograph from Panini's 2015 Donruss Soccer release, because Adam really made his name professionally with Southampton.  He served as team captain when the club re-entered the Premier League a few seasons ago, but after two seasons Liverpool signed him for big money and he remains with The Reds to this day.

His current club has had a great showing this year, in fact with just a couple of games remaining Liverpool have an excellent shot to finish in the top 4 to earn themselves a spot in the UEFA Champions League.

Panini doesn't have a license to produce Premier League cards, so if you're interested in those I'd recommend the Topps Stadium Club release from a few months back.  Even still, I'm impressed by what they've done with their Donruss soccer set the past couple of seasons.  For a sticker auto this is a nice looking card of Adam in his team England kit, especially for just $8 and change.

I hope those of you who are Premier League fans enjoy the end of the season here, and hopefully the team you cheer for has avoided relegation for the 2017-18 campaign!

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Anonymous said...

As soon as you said "relegation", I immediately went to look at the Premier League tables to see who's in danger of relegation and which Championship teams are fighting for promotion. I've always been fascinated by the whole process, and being that I don't follow a team, this is the time of year when I actually pay attention to what's going on in English footy... well aside from the occasional weekend morning when I watch a match just for the heck of it.

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