Friday, July 28, 2017

Gavin's Big Fun Game

Last month I was one of 15 lucky individuals to be included in the "Big Fun Game" hosted by Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown.  These games seem to be pretty popular around the blogs lately, though this was my first time participating in one.  The basic idea is that there are mystery lots, you choose a number and your lot is revealed.  At that point you can either choose to keep your lot, or steal the lot of someone else who picked before you.

We'll get to the card I won in a minute, but first Gavin was kind enough to include one of his fabulous customs along with my haul.  The great Johnny Cash done in the style of Conlon!  I absolutely love this custom, in fact I love it so much that I commented on it a while back when Gavin originally posted and he sent me a copy then.  So, I'll probably ship this one off to Dimebox Nick in my upcoming trade package unless of course he already has a copy.  Great stuff.

Gavin included a 1/1 custom sketch card that he drew on a bus pass as well, haha!  "Wohs Drac" is card show spelled backwards, and I remember getting a kick out of this one when Gavin posted it.

Here's my actual prize from the game, a pretty sweet on-card autograph of The Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky!  I love the shot of Al sitting atop the dugout signing for fans.  I didn't have a Hrabosky autograph in my collection prior to receiving this one, so things worked out well for me as far as the game goes.  I was hoping nobody who went after me would steal this, glad I ended up with it in the end!

Gavin was kind enough to toss a second autograph into my prize package.  "Thunder" Matt Murton was a 2003 draft pick for Boston, but was shipped out of town in the same trade that sent Nomar Garciaparra packing.  A thoughtful throw-in from Gavin here.

I found a few more bonus cards in my package as well, including this black-border mini Matt Barnes RC from 2015 Allen & Ginter...

...and this HanRam Clubhouse Collection relic from this year's Heritage set.  Sweet!

This one I really like quite a bit.  It's my first exposure to the '59 Bazooka "minis" from 2017 Topps Archives.  Larger than a mini you'd find in Allen & Ginter or Gypsy Queen, and a great looking card overall.  If you ask me Topps hit a home run with this particular insert set.

Like me, Gavin is also a fan of the Bubbles Refractors from 2014 Bowman Chrome, and he was kind enough to send me one I didn't yet have in this Drew Pomeranz.  Drew has actually been surprisingly solid as a starter for Boston so far in 2017, and has certainly been doing his part to keep the Sox atop the AL East.

I'll never turn down one of these Bubbles Refractor cards, numbered to /99.  I think I'm up to about 20 of them at this point.

As if all that weren't enough, Gavin sent one particular card that I've been wanting a copy of for years now.  Check it out!

From 2011 Topps Update, a nice Jose Altuve rookie card!  I read an article the other day that claimed Altuve is the best player in all of baseball, and depending on how you look at it it's hard to disagree with the statement.  He's led his league in hits for the last three years running now, and has a healthy lead so far in the 2017 campaign as well.  Psyched to land a copy of his official Topps rookie card at long last!

Gavin, thanks for a fantastic contest/game, and for all the bonus goodies!  I've got a return package just about ready for you, will try to top it off over the weekend and get it in the mail Monday!


Tony Burbs said...

Love that Johnny Cash Conlon custom - such an iconic photo. Also, MATT MURTON! For a while there, the redhead was my favorite player on the Cubs and I was perturbed when they traded him away. He was back in camp with Chicago and spent all of '16 in their minor league system, but never got the call-up and then I was perturbed again. Anyway, nice auto! It's weird to see him in a Boston uni.

defgav said...

Glad you like!

Nick said...

I'd definitely take that Cash custom if you have an extra! Looks like you made out like a bandit in Gavin's Big Fun Game, and that Hrabosky is fantastic. Kind of like a meta-card, in that it's an autographed card of a guy signing autographs.

Mark Hoyle said...

That Cash card is awesome

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