Monday, January 1, 2018

A Clean Sheet

Welcome to 2018!  Today seemed like the perfect day to post one of the more unique buybacks I picked up last year:

Yup, a buyback of a Zamboni!  For those who may not know, though I'd assume every sports fan does, this is the vehicle that cleans the ice before hockey games and between periods.  Upper Deck decided to dedicate a card in its inaugural hockey release to the machine and its inventor, Frank J. Zamboni.

Playing hockey for well over a decade growing up I certainly spent a lot of time around Zambonis, and have even driven one myself.  I always thought Upper Deck's card was a good use of a spot in their checklist, as this invention is a critical component of the game that gets very little love or attention.

Here's the back, featuring the man himself!  This was actually a posthumous release, as Frank passed away in 1988 at the ripe old age of 87.

When I saw this one listed on eBay I was immediately drawn to it, and I was pleased to bring it home with a winning bid of less than three dollars.  I guess this card makes me a Zamboni super collector?

So there you have it, a Zamboni card giving me a "clean sheet" here on the blog to begin 2018.  I expect it to be another good year!


Kin said...

I had no knowledge of this card...I dig it!

Anonymous said...

I like that card... I might have to pick up the non-buyback version at some point.

I searched COMC for "Zamboni" and found a 1991-92 ProSet card captioned "Before The Zamboni", so maybe you can make them a matched set.

Here's to clean sheets in 2018!

Fuji said...

I remember busting boxes and boxes of this stuff back in the early 90's looking for Fedorov and Bure rookie cards. This card was a nice treat too. Happy New Year!

Matt said...

That is awesome on so many levels!

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