Saturday, January 27, 2018

Buyback Franken-set: The March to 1,000

Another day, another ten buybacks evaluated for my franken-set project.  I'm not feeling particularly wordy so tonight's post will be somewhat abbreviated comment-wise...

1963 Topps #32 - Tony Gonzalez

We start off with what's probably the best buyback in the post, and one of the older buybacks I've picked up to date from the 2017 "Rediscover Topps" promotion.  Tony Gonzalez was a solid-hitting center fielder for the Phillies in the '60s too.  Funny how the Rediscover Topps foil looks like it's kind of falling into Tony's glove in the inset photo there.

Interestingly, I have another Philadelphia outfielder already in slot 32 of the binder, and a guy who at times patrolled with Tony Gonzalez.

I've got plenty of '66 buybacks in the binder though, and I just like the Gonzalez card better.

1990 Topps #498 - Rick Schu

Don't have a whole lot to say about part-time third baseman Rick Schu.  I appreciate any and all 1990 Topps buybacks though.

In this case I already had a #498 buyback in the franken-set binder...

...allowing me to slide Rick into the separate 1990 Topps buyback binder.  One card closer to a project I'm not even sure it's possible to complete.

1984 Topps #776 - Craig Reynolds

Next up we have longtime Astros infielder Craig Reynolds.  Reynolds was an All-Star for a couple of consecutive seasons in the late '70s.  This one's a win as far as I'm concerned though, as #776 is a nice new high number for the binder.  Sweet!

1989 Topps #86 - Al Nipper

Here's Cubs hurler Al Nipper's 1989 Topps release.  Chicago actually released Nipper just before the start of the '89 season, and he didn't play at all that year.  Kinda makes this buyback a bit of a dud.

Not that it stood much of a chance regardless, as this fantastic 1972 Topps AL Batting Leaders buyback is already firmly entrenched in slot 86.

Don't see that one leaving the binder anytime soon quite honestly.

1991 Topps #428 - John Barfield

1991 Topps was really a great set, but John Barfield here is far from the most interesting card the release has to offer.  '91 was the final year of John's very brief big league career.  He was actually shot to death in a domestic dispute on Christmas Eve a couple years back, yikes.

Craig Reynolds has been holding down slot 428 in the binder.

Craig Reynolds will continue to do so.

1990 Topps #726 - Gene Nelson

Nice, another '90 Topps buyback.  I have to be one of the only collectors on the planet that would be excited by these.  Will Gene have any better luck with the franken-set than Rick Schu did above?

Not a chance, this great Kirt Manwaring is in pocket 726, and is going to stay there.

Like Schu though, Nelson is off to strengthen the '90 Topps buyback binder, so all is not lost.

1984 Topps #114 - Checklist

Hah, kinda funny, I think this is the first buyback checklist I've encountered so far.  In order for it to make the franken-set binder though it has to unseat...

...this Ron Swoboda box-topper buyback from last year's Heritage set.  Easy call here.

I'm not ruling out including a checklist in the franken-set, in fact I'd kind of like to have at least one in the binder.  I'd prefer it be one of the nicer vintage checklist cards from the '60s, maybe even one that includes a photograph.

1988 Topps #777 - Lonnie Smith

Here's the second new number in today's grouping, as Lonnie Smith slides into the binder in pocket 777.  Interesting that despite me grabbing a totally random grouping of ten I ended up with 776 and 777 in the same post.  1988 wasn't a great year for Lonnie, as he hit just .237, a career low for any season with at least 50 plate appearances.  Won't be too hard to bounce this one if I ever encounter another #777 buyback.

1989 Topps #194 - Greg Harris

Greg Harris actually garnered a few Rookie of the Year votes in 1989 (finishing 7th), but was out of baseball after the 1995 season.  An obvious Spring Training shot on this card.

Kirk McCaskill's '87 card is already in slot 194 (complete with in-game action photo!).

Don't see any reason to replace Kirk with Greg quite honestly.

1988 Topps #399 - Tim Wallach All-Star

Last card for today, a Tim Wallach All-Star courtesy of 1988 Topps.  This is a great buyback in my book, as it commemorates Wallach's 1987 All-Star selection, which was an absolute monster year and by far the best of his career.  Tim swatted .298 with 26 home runs and career highs in doubles (42) and RBI (123!).  He earned a Silver Slugger to go along with his All-Star selection, and actually finished 4th in MVP voting as well.

Bruce Boisclair's '77 Topps buyback has been sitting in slot 399 for many months now.  It's also one of the few rare (just four so far) red foil buybacks I've landed so far from the 2017 "Rediscover Topps" promotion if you care about that sort of thing (I don't).

Bruce was born and raised in the same neck of the woods that I'm from, but even that's not enough when he's up against Tim Wallach and his amazing 1987 campaign.

Two new numbers, and two new cards for my 1990 Topps buyback project as well.  Hard to believe I've looked at well over 900 buybacks now since beginning this project.  In a few more posts I should hit 1,000, and I've got a special buyback planned for that occasion.  A jaw-dropper for sure.

Thanks for checking in!

Franken-set Progress:  527/792 (66%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  421
Total Buybacks in Collection: 948


Hackenbush said...

Not a one issue with your choices. Great obeservation on the Taylor. It would make a cool animation, the letters disappearing into his glove. Rich Chiles had the chiseled good looks of a movie star (or soap opera star at least).

Tim B. said...

I love watching your progress on this. I've got a stack of buybacks waiting to send you, they just haven't made it to the post office yet. Though it seems unlikely given this project and a possible 1990 project, I'd love if you could keep your eyes open for a 1990 Bernie Williams from Rediscover Topps.

Fuji said...

Great shot of the Oakland Coliseum on that 79T Chiles card.

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