Saturday, February 10, 2018

Buyback Franken-set: Big Hurt

Tonight's buyback franken-set post starts off with some "star power" in the form of a HOF slugger.  Let's get down to it...

1996 Topps #229 - Frank Thomas Star Power

Coming out of the gate strong with The Big Hurt!  Frank Thomas was easily within the top 5 elite hitters in the game in the mid-'90s, being named an All-Star every season between 1993 and 1997, and winning the American League MVP Award in 1993 and 1994.  Certainly deserving of a spot within the "Star Power" subset in 1996 Topps.  Very happy that this buyback from the 2016 Topps program makes the franken-set binder as my first card #229!

1989 Topps #143 - Mike Campbell

On the other end of the spectrum, here's a super boring '89 Topps Mike Campbell.

This Jerry Grote has had a solid hold on slot 143 for some time now...

...and it certainly won't be ousted by Campbell.

1988 Topps #127 - Jim Gott

Next up, Jim Gott rocking one of the many flavors of Pirates uniforms of the era.  The Phillies actually just named Jim a bullpen coach this past November.  Once again we've got some competition for the franken-set here:

A nice '64 Topps buyback courtesy of 2013 Heritage.

When I don't really have a strong connection to either card, a Heritage buyback is going to win nine times out of ten.

1993 Topps #126 - Bob Ayrault

I have to admit, when I ran across this card I had zero recollection of Bob Ayrault.  I guess I can see why, as he lasted just two seasons at the Major League level.  How's it look for Bob in terms of the franken-set?

Not too great, as he's pitted against a much nicer Phillies buyback...

Just wasn't meant to be for Bob.

1984 Topps #663 - Johnnie LeMaster

Next up, and '84 Topps buyback of Giants shortstop Johnnie LeMaster.  Johnnie looks like he has the same body build here that I did in seventh grade.  663 is a fairly high number, so I figured LeMaster may have a shot at the binder, but it turns out...

...that Fred Lynn's "Turn Back the Clock" subset card from 1990 Topps is already sitting in that slot.

As much as I'd love to shuffle that Lynn over to my 1990 Topps buyback binder, I just can't choose the LeMaster over it for the franken-set.

1984 Topps #623 - Ron Washington

Hah, another 1984 buyback of another middle infielder with a slight build.  Ron Washington is better remembered as a coach than a player, at least by folks in my generation.  This powder blue Twins uniform makes the franken-set, as I'd yet to run across a #623 buyback until now.

1973 Topps #76 - Doug Rader

There's a Houston Astros uniform you don't see every day!  Doug Rader seems to me to have been a somewhat under-rated third baseman.  During his prime years it wasn't uncommon for him to hit between 15 and 25 home runs while driving in 80+.  He was good with the glove too, in fact at the time this card was printed he was in the midst of a run of five consecutive Gold Gloves.

This Tim Foli already occupies slot 76.  Could have gone either way with this one.

In the end I stuck with Tim Foli due to the Expos uniform and those shades.  I have to admit though that I wasn't as familiar with Doug Rader when making that choice as I am now, and could easily have gone the other way in retrospect.  Maybe one to revisit someday...

1976 Topps #572 - Rich Coggins

Here's a '76 Topps Rich Coggins buyback from the 2015 promotion with a less than flattering photo.  Tilted photograph, disheveled uniform, and nothing even close to resembling a smile...

...yet I still like it over this '89 Atlee Hammaker buyback that was resident in slot 572 previously.

Coggins is in, Hammaker is out.

1978 Topps #154 - Cecil Cooper

Really like this '78 Cecil Cooper buyback.  This set overall isn't very high on my list of favorites for whatever reason, and I recognize this is a dark photograph to say the least, but I just enjoy it.  Cooper batted an impressive .312 in '78 too!  This card would've been an imposing match-up as the franken-set goes, but thankfully it doesn't come down to that is it's my first #154 buyback.  Welcome to the binder, Cecil!

1973 Topps #32 - Fred Norman

Last card tonight is a great one indeed.  I've always been one of the many baseball card collectors who gets a kick out of Fred Norman's '73 release.  Those Padres unis are just fantastic, and look at that roaring, wild crowd!  This is one I've been looking forward to owning in buyback form for a long time now, but does it make the binder?

Tony Gonzalez here forced his way into slot 32 just last batch.  Can he hold onto the spot, or is he going to be ousted after just a week or so of residence?

The franken-set binder can be a cruel beast.

Getting closer and closer to a thousand total buybacks here, may even cross that threshold by the end of the month!

On an unrelated note, life has been chaotic here at Shoebox Legends headquarters lately, as evidenced by my lack of consistent posting.  If you've sent me cards, are waiting on some from me, or are even just waiting for a return email, I apologize for the delay!  Bear with me and I promise to be back on track soon.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet, as always!

Franken-set Progress:  530/792 (66%)
"Rejected" Buybacks:  428
Total Buybacks in Collection: 958


Brett Alan said...

I actually bought some buybacks at a show this week for your frankensets. I don't see a contact link, so please shoot me an email--brettalan at gmail dot com. There were at least a couple I'm sure you'll appreciate.

BTW, to me Ron Washington will always be a character from an Aaron Sorkin movie! B^)

Chris said...

Nice Big Hurt buyback! I'm guessing there aren't a lot of subset cards in the Franken-set (do you have any team leaders/record breakers, etc?)

The Fred Norman card is a classic (I guess that "roaring, wild" crowd is why the Padres almost moved to DC a year later) tough to bump a '63 out of the set but you made the right call.

Chris said...

Also, don't you hate it when the buyback stamp covers up the player's name? That's really annoying. Who was the other Angels rookie?

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