Monday, January 12, 2009

1953 Topps Project - Post #34

#12 - Howie Judson - Cincinnati Reds

I'm still torn between sticking with the original goal of a graded set or selling off a bunch of my graded 1953 Topps and picking up a few "gently loved" cards instead. In the meantime, I'm going to keep plugging away with the first 1953 Topps card of 2009, Howie Judson.

Howie had a fairly boring career, pitching a grand total of just over 600 innings across 7 seasons. Howie's pictured here in the twilight of his career, in the first of what would be his final 2 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds. He played for the Chicago White Sox in his first 5 seasons before going to Cincinnati. It seems that Judson worked primarily out of the bull-pen, although he did start a career high 14 games for Chicago in 1951.

Howie's career 17-37 record and 4.29 ERA make him easily forgettable, but his concerned look combined with the cloudy sky and scoreboard in the background make for a pretty nice looking card.

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