Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trade with jackplumstead

Here's another trade from a couple of months back. This one came to be when John Arnold (aka jackplumstead) contacted me from the UK. I ended up sending him some 2008 Goudey that he needed as well as a chunk of 1980 Topps. It turns out John is a fellow Red Sox fan, so I sent some Sox cards along as well.

John sent a really great package in return. Included were 3 of the remaining 2007 Goudey cards that I needed (2 of them short prints). Strangely enough, John sent along the Alex Rodriguez Heads Up short print pictured above just days after I had received the plain background variation in the trade with Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats.

Also included were 2 2007 Topps Heritage short prints. Hopefully I'll complete this one some day...

John threw in what must be close to a 2008 Allen & Ginter Red Sox team set. Believe it or not I needed all 8 of these when I received his package.

This Conlon Collection card was probably my favorite in the whole package. I really love this set, and since most of my original cards were lost, this is the lone Conlon card in my collection.

A small assortment of 70s cards were thrown in as well. Really digging the old school Braves uniform on this Norm Miller card.

Belated thanks for the great trade John! Your package contained some really nice surprises and helped me on 2 baseball sets that I'm dying to complete. Plus, these are probably some of the only cards in my collection that have been overseas. Hopefully we can trade again some day!

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Anonymous said...

In getting more of those nifty 25-cent cases I send cards out in the other day, I found the closest place to a card shop in my city has several packs of Conlon collection cards for $2.29 per 18 card pack. I assume it's a markup considering how bad they mark up all their older packs, but for 18 nice looking cards a pack, it's easily the least egregious one in the entire place. Anyway, I picked one up to throw into our looming third trade, but if you want more, I can grab some more for you, perhaps as even a separate trade or something.

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