Monday, January 5, 2009

1986 Topps League Leaders

For at least a few years there in the 80s, Topps released League Leaders sets. These were mini, glossy cards that showcased some of the statistical leaders from the previous season. I snagged a wax box of the 1986 cards a while back for literally a few dollars. I opened up just enough packs to complete my set, and have been sending them out in trades since.

The 1986 version has little to no similarity to regular 1986 Topps cards, and instead features a very simple plain white background with a small photo of the player. This is far from the world's greatest set of baseball cards, but they have some nostalgic value to me, and I think it's a decent oddball set. For your viewing pleasure, you will now find the entire 66 card set being displayed in the slide show at right.

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Chuck's Used Cards said...

I have always liked the simple design of the league leaders sets. They are small sets (not 700 frekin' cards), full of star players and I love mini versions.

At 25 a pack, what's not to like.

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