Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gypsy Queen Retail - One Last Hurrah

Here are the highlights from my final two Gypsy Queen retail rack packs. I made out pretty well with my Framed Green parallels:

#29 - Ty Cobb

#54 - Frank Thomas

#57 - David Ortiz

#66 - Sandy Koufax

Here are a few highlights from the base set, starting off with a couple of Red Sox currently on the DL...

#19 - Jon Lester

#32 - Carl Crawford

...three Hall-of-Famers...

#50 - Al Kaline

#65 - Babe Ruth

#174 - Reggie Jackson

...and a couple of short prints:

#306 - Tommy Hanson

#316 - Lou Gehrig

I got quite a few more inserts that I needed, including these few:

#GO24 - Ty Cobb - The Great Ones

#SF7 - Jose Reyes - Sticky Fingers

#WC9 - Jason Heyward - Wall Climbers

The minis were pretty boring to be quite honest, but there were two of note. Dustin Pedroia...

Mini #248 - Dustin Pedroia

...and my first Sepia:

Mini Sepia #93 - Victor Martinez (#'d/99)

Oh yeah, I also pulled this in the very last rack pack:

Well that wraps it up. It was fun while it lasted but now Gypsy Queen retail is nowhere to be found. I'm left with just over 100 cards from the base set, a good chunk of minis, and a decent stack of inserts and parallels. If I want to keep ripping I seem to have only one choice...hobby. Ugh.


night owl said...

When I was out of town last week, I saw a full box of Gypsy Queen packs. I couldn't believe it, because GQ disappeared from my town a long time ago.

Topps really screwed set-collectors with GQ. How long was it on the shelves in most places, 2 months?

Captain Canuck said...

that's funny, the only GQ my hobby shop has is retail packs at $6 a pop. There is no hobby packs to be found.

I ain't paying $6 a pack to just look for Braves though...

Michael said...

Hey bud, thanks for the comment on my blog. Thanks for thinking of me. I don't have ur email so just drop me your email address off in my comment box (I'll delete so u hav privacy) and I'll get u my address


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