Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pack Rip - More 1978-79 Topps Hockey

Way back in May I picked up the last 17 packs of 1978-79 Topps hockey from the local card shop. After I posted pack 1 and pack 2, they kind of fell off the radar. I'll try to get a few more posted before the summer's over. Here's pack 3, 12 cards and one team sticker:

#241 - Roland Eriksson

After two solid seasons in Minnesota to start his career, Eriksson would actually play with Vancouver in the 1978-79 season. Unbelievably he would last just 35 games with the team, his play so poor that he was actually cut. He would never play another NHL game.

#91 - Bob Murdoch

Won the 1989-90 Jack Adams award as coach of the Winnipeg Jets.

#202 - New York Rangers Checklist

The Rangers had a great season in 1978-79, but ran into the buzz-saw that was the 1970's Montreal Canadiens in the Cup finals.

#250 - Tony Esposito

A new Esposito is always welcome, even if it is off-center.

#50 - Ken Dryden

In addition to Lord Stanley's Cup, Dryden was awarded the Vezina in 78-79. Hall-of-Fame goalies back to back in this pack.

#12 - Phil Russell

One of the better tough, solid D-men of the 1970's...

Team Sticker - New York Rangers

#166 - Wayne Thomas

#36 - Michel Plasse

Awesome Rockies sweater. Unfortunately Michel passed away in 2006 from a heart attack.

#43 - Joe Watson

Joe's pretty badly miscut...

#139 - Ron Sedlbauer

#10 - Bryan Trottier

Great card, the best centering and cut of any cards in the pack. I also love this card because 78-79 was Trottier's career year. He captured the Art Ross (leading scorer) and Hart (MVP) trophies, with a 134-point effort. In December of that season he registered 6 points in a period against the Rangers. This is one of the cards I was really hoping to pull out of these packs.

My final, wax stained card of the pack is...

#52 - Dennis Ververgaert

A miscut Dennis Ververgaert.

I'd say that was the best pack yet. I'll try to get a few more of these posted in August...


Pro Set Cards said...

A few good HOF'ers in that batch...

Is there any chance I could get a wrapper off you sometime?

shoeboxlegends said...

Dave, I'll definitely ship you a wrapper, drop me an email at shanediaz82 at yahoo dot com.

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