Friday, July 1, 2011

Pack Rip - 2010 Topps Update Series

There's one shop in my area that I only end up at every six months or so. They carry the Ultra Pro binders and sheets I like for my sets, and that's the only reason I go. The owner's got a great selection of vintage singles, but everything is overpriced and he's not very pleasant to deal with. Anyway, a few months ago when I was there last I had the urge to open a pack, so I went with the only option in his store that was less than $3.50:

I paid a buck for this pack. I should've known based on the low price point at this overpriced shop that this probably wasn't going to amount to much. Here are all 10 cards, I apologize in advance:

#US-279 - Hanley Ramirez

Let's keep count. One All-Star card...

#US-65 - Victor Martinez/Robinson Cano

Two All-Star cards...

#US-291 - Corey Hart


#US-16 - Felipe Paulino

#US-164 - Gaby Sanchez

#US-75 - Jason Heyward


#US-221 - Heath Bell


#US-210 - Ubaldo Jimenez


#CMT152 - Barry Larkin - Cards Your Mother Threw Out (1987 Topps)

Not sure many people would care if their mom chucked an '87 Larkin.

Topps Attax Code Card - Miguel Cabrera

Feel free to steal the code if you actually use

Well that pack sucked royally. First of all, it contained nine cards, not ten. Sorry but some Attax online code card does not count. When you take away that and the insert card, I actually got eight base cards from the set, and six of them are All-Star cards. Didn't anything else happen last season that was worth mention besides the All-Star game? I wouldn't buy another pack of this, even for a buck.

1 comment:

Captain Canuck said...

hey man... that Jason Heyward card is a $4 card in Georgia!

you're making money hand over fist!

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