Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heroes from Mitch R

Recently I was contacted by a reader named Mitch from the Michigan area.  He had a card to send me that had been sitting on my want list for what feels like forever.

Mitch turned out to be such a nice guy though, that he threw in this second card, which I also needed, free of charge!  He was kind enough to do this even though he's trying to build the Gretzky/Howe Heroes set himself and didn't have a duplicate of this particular card.  The only way you could fit more raw talent on a hockey card is if you slid these two over and got Bobby Orr in the photo!  Of course this card pays homage to Gretzky passing Howe as the all-time leading scorer (regular season points).

I tried to repay Mitch's generosity the best I could by shipping him off a boatload of Red Wings, and I think he was satisfied with his return!

Oh yeah, before I forget, here's the original card that kicked off the transaction, one step closer to someday completing the Gretzky Heroes insert set.  What a gorgeous card.  I never seem to tire of cardboard that depicts the Stanley Cup.

Mitch, sorry it took me so long to post these.  Both cards are fantastic and greatly appreciated, I hope that we can trade again someday.  I'll definitely keep your address handy for any good Red Wings cards I pull!

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