Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stadium Club for Sox

In my second mini box of 2014 Stadium Club baseball, I pulled a Chris Owings autograph redemption that I wasn't interested in keeping. Daniel Wilson of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop seemed interested, so I went ahead and shipped it off to him, along with some other D-Backs cards I had lying around my card room. (Side note, amazingly enough Daniel's redemption autograph already arrived).  In return, I got a truly awesome package of Red Sox cards. Here are just some of the cool cards that he sent my way...

Kicking things off are a couple of awesome comic inserts from the 2003 Topps Bazooka set.  I don't consider myself that old, but I definitely am old enough to remember buying individual pieces of Bazooka Joe gum wrapped in comics just like these back in the day.  I like these inserts quite a bit.  Looks like there's a Pedro Martinez on the checklist that I'll have to search out as well.

Speaking of Pedro...

This trio represent my very first 2004 Donruss Classics cards.  First cards of a particular set are going to be a common theme in this post.

Here's another new-to-me 2004 release, Playoff Prestige.

Absolutely love this 1998 Donruss Silver Press Proof die-cut.  I have a Pedro from the same set that this card will pair nicely with.

The best part about this Fred Lynn insert from 2013 Archives is the great back with a large cartoon:

Here's a new Nomar from an insert set I'd never seen before, 1998 Topps' New Breed.

1995 Pinnacle is a product I'd love to bust a cheap box of someday, but I have a feeling it may be one of those sets where a good portion of the cards are stuck together and damaged after 20 years in the box...

Daniel hooked me up with 4 different Red Sox from the 2005 Diamond Kings set...

How about a couple of inserts from 2008 Topps?  David Ortiz Dick Perez insert, which I think was exclusive to Wal-Mart...

...and a Josh Beckett Year in Review.  This is a giant insert set, but one I like quite a bit.  I've mentioned this before but anything newspaper themed usually works for me.

A nice 2002 Fleer Jose Offerman.  A very patriotic post-9/11 set, and one that goes nicely with the Red Sox team colors as well.  In fact, I should probably move completing this team set up my priority list.  Jose is just my second card so I've got a ways to go.

My first 2003 Upper Deck Victory cards, which have rounded corners like playing cards.

Another first, 2000 Ultimate Victory.  It's amazing just how many sets came out in the years when I wasn't collecting.

This 1999 Stadium Club Mo Vaughn is actually a Chrome insert.  Great card and looks amazing in person.

Daniel included three of these SP Top Prospects cards from Upper Deck.  I love a good minor league card, so these were appreciated.  I believe Daniel included John Curtice due to the fact that he was associated with the Red Sox (Gulf Coast League) for a couple of seasons despite never making the Majors.

Here's one that fits my Red Sox collection as well!  Juan is sort of a sad story.  He cracked the Red Sox roster in 1999 for 2 starts and lit it up.  Unfortunately he suffered a nasty elbow injury on a line drive in spring training the previous year, and after the surgery and subsequent recovery he never returned to previous form, or pitched an MLB inning again.  His career stats are 2 starts, 2-0 record with a 0.69 ERA and 15 strikeouts to just 3 walks.  What a shame!

Rob Ramsay was a draft choice of the Red Sox, and was eventually traded to the Mariners.  Unfortunately his career was ended by cancer after just a couple of seasons.  Boy this post is getting depressing fast.  Onto some more positive cards...

Never heard of the 2003 Upper Deck Game Face set before.  Too bad this concept wasn't done a couple of seasons later once the beard was grown.

The final two cards I'll show are from 1998 Upper Deck SPx Finite.  Based on the name I'm guessing every card is serial-numbered.  This Pedro is actually a base card, but is numbered to 9,000 copies.  The SPx logo is embossed metal and looks pretty slick in hand.

Here's the back, you can see the serial numbering and can also get a better idea for the embossed portion of the card.  A cool set I'd never heard of before.

Here's a Mo Vaughn from the same set, but the more rare "Spectrum" parallel (numbered to 2,250 copies).

Daniel, thank you so much for the awesome cards.  Sorry it took me so long to post them, but I assure you they are all appreciated!


Daniel Wilson said...

Glad you got the cards and there were one's that were new to you!

Billy Kingsley said...

All the SPx Finite cards are indeed numbered. There is also a Radiance parallel that goes between the base and Spectrum. it features gold embossing where the base set has bronze and the Spectrum holofoil. That was somewhat revolutionary at the time, serially numbering every card in a set had never been done before to my knowledge.

The 2000 Stadium Club Chrome card is not an insert. It was a standalone set. It was somewhat like Topps Chrome, but for Stadium Club. It was the only year they did that for Stadium Club. I know they did it for the NBA, MLB and NHL, don't know about football.

Sport Card Collectors said...

Had to come check out the 2nd best blog winner :)

Good stuff and nice pickups. I really like the Spx as I am a big 90's collector.

We may not agree on baseball teams, I like the Yankees by the way lol, but we both blog and I plan on reading and adding you to my blog list :)

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