Friday, February 6, 2015

One Card Post - My First Red Sox Card of 2015!

What:  2015 Topps #314 - Jackie Bradley Jr.
Where:  Target, from a blaster
How Much?:  $.20 (price per card if you do the math on the blaster)

:  First Red Sox card of 2015!  Finished up a brutal week at work that had me clocking 60+ hours including working through the middle of the night on a major project, 70+ hours if you count travel/commute time.  Since it turned out a success, I decided to stop on my way home, exhausted, and check Target for 2015 Topps.  I found a fresh supply of blaster boxes and picked one up to reward myself.  Jackie here was the first Red Sox card I encountered, in pack 2.

:  I have to be honest and say that I was only mildly excited about this year's Topps flagship design, but with some in hand I realized I like them quite a bit.  My favorite part might be the card backs, job well done Topps!  Also, great photo selection and cropping on this particular card.

Maybe I'll post some more from my blaster when I get a little energy back...

1 comment:

Mark Kaz said...

I gotta say I like everything I've seen thus far. As impressed with the backs as I am the fronts. Aside from the way-too-close-up photos, I think this could be the best yet this decade. Anxious to get my first close encounter one of these days...

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