Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pack Rip - 2014 Topps MLS Soccer

I learned when placing my recent order with Dave & Adam's Card World that I was eligible for a free add-on prize!  Sounded great until I saw what my options were.  I guess high rollers like me who are buying $12 in loose Score hockey packs, and a hobby box of Donruss Soccer that cost $29, don't qualify for much.

The only option even remotely interesting to me was four packs of 2014 Topps MLS.  I like soccer, but I watch English Premier league.  I basically knew I'd have no information at all about any of these guys, but I don't have time for anything else tonight and I've already scanned these and saved a draft, so here you go...

Never heard of him.  Left the MLS after 2015 and apparently plays in Costa Rica now.

Here's the back.  As a goalkeeper, I do like seeing the graphic in the middle showing where he was beaten for goals, as well as where he made saves.

Never heard of him.  Played all over Europe and in Costa Rica before coming to MLS.

Never heard of him.  Apparently did get a few starts for the US National Team.  Now retired.

Never heard of him.  He's Canadian, and plays for the Canadian National Team.

Yup, four "never heard of him"s, as expected.  Hey, I guess I can't complain about free cards right?

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Anonymous said...

Can't argue with free, but I would guess that none of these pass my "Could it possibly sell on COMC?" test?

...Well, maybe they would, eventually, if there aren't any others out there, but anyway...

What I find most interesting about these cards is that they have a lot of the same elements as this year's baseball... Team logo next to the player's name in a horizontal ESPN-like stripe, plus "foggy corners" in lieu of a real border. Maybe Topps is reading the negative reaction to this year's baseball and thinking "But nobody complained in 2014..." :-D

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