Sunday, April 24, 2016

Signature Sundays - Yoenis Cespedes

Tonight I've got an autograph of someone who's stop in Boston was a relatively short one.  Doesn't make me appreciate the card any less though.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Yoenis Cespedes!

Yoenis was getting traded left and right for a while there, playing for the A's, Red Sox, Tigers and Mets all within a two year span between 2014 and 2015.  His time with Boston was pretty much unremarkable, as he appeared in just over 50 games to finish out the disappointing 2014 season.

Cespedes swatted .269 with 5 home runs and 33 RBI with Boston, as the Sox finished dead last that year.  They gave up Jon Lester to get him, then at the end of the season dealt him to Detroit for Rick Porcello.  Pretty disappointing when you look at the trades in that light.

While he may not have done much of note with Boston, Yoenis Cespedes can still be one of the more exciting hitters to watch in today's game at times.  The fact that his time in the AL East was so brief makes me even more grateful to have a nice on-card autograph like this in my Red Sox collection, especially since I paid less than $8 for it!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

1 comment:

Mark Kaz said...

Yo Knows Ink.

(Now we just gotta keep him healthy and in the lineup!)

Nice addition. Getting an auto of a short-term guy is always pretty exciting!

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