Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Opening Day Trade Package - Round 2!

Yesterday I posted a trade package to celebrate the first Red Sox game of the season.  Unfortunately, thanks to Mother Nature, that game did not take place.  Today they finally played game number one though, so let's try this again!

Today's post features the latest 9 cards to arrive via PWE from my most frequent trading partner, Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse.  Kicking off the PWE we've got some 2015 Bowman's Best.  Mookie Betts is the man, he and Xander Bogaerts are the core of a really good young group of players on the current team.  Betts got off to a great start today, crushing a 2-run HR against Cleveland.

Pedroia had an 0-4 day, but did work a walk which got him on base in the 9th just before David Ortiz homered to really put the game out of reach at 6-2.

Another new card of Henry Owens, that's two days in a row!

I really like this Prizm Passion insert, since it perfectly depicts Dustin Pedroia as I always think of him in my mind; rolling around in the dirt.  Well, almost perfectly.  Wish Panini would get a license so we could see Dustin's actual uniform here.

Here's where the package gets really great.  If you stop by here even semi-regularly you've probably seen me declare my love for acetate cards at least once.  Well Mark certainly included some great ones this go-round.  I had never even heard of these Topps Hot Button Baseball game cards before receiving this package, but they're just awesome.

There was some sort of electronic controller that these would plug into on one side or the other while playing the game, which is why you have all the red and green boxes along both sides.

These are some of the more unique oddball cards I've ever received, and I love them.  I'll certainly be on the lookout for more cards from this set in the future.

Those acetate cards were cool enough that I'd consider them the star of the PWE, if it weren't for this awesome mulleted Jeff Bagwell that is!  How is it possible I went all this time without knowing that this card existed?  Even though it reminds me of the pretty awful trade that sent Bagwell from the organization, it's simply too great a minor league card not to love.

This time around I also got a really nice hockey card from Mark, a much appreciated touch!  This Gordie Howe Scoring Leader card is from one of those mid-'90s Parkhurst releases I love so much that were meant to show what some of the missing Parkhurst sets from years they weren't officially produced could have looked like.  I have around 50 Howe cards now, but very few of them are horizontal and this one is especially aesthetically pleasing with all the red.

Mark, thanks as always for the solid cardboard!  I'm sure I'll have another PWE heading your way within the next week or two!


Adam Sanders said...

That's a really neat Bagwell card. Seeing him in any other uniform besides an Astros one is quite strange.

Robert Andrews said...

Those are great cards. I remember having to buy the team set (or maybe it was a small lot) to get the Bagwell. It was for my son who collected him back in the day.

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