Saturday, April 2, 2016


I'm severely overdue in thanking my friend Marc B for the latest PWE of hockey cards he shipped my way.  I've finally gotten the cards scanned, cropped and added to my online inventory on Zistle, time to show them off on this rainy Saturday...

As Marc so humorously put it in the note that accompanied the cards, others have been bipped, but I've been Bourqued!  The majority of the cards in this last delivery were of the second greatest defenseman in Bruins history, #77 Ray Bourque!

I led off with this Upper Deck McDonald's hologram because it really takes me back.  If you were collecting in the early '90s like I was, then you can certainly remember holograms being all the rage for a few years there.  Even 25 years later I can still see why these were so coveted.

There were some Upper Deck inserts, like this Marquee Attractions, that I had to look up since I wasn't collecting at the time.  I always enjoy new cardboard from my collecting "dark period".

I got a couple of these Generation Next inserts, which were a part of the flagship Upper Deck set for a few years.

They certainly went with a lot of foil on this one, but I actually think it's a nicer design than the one above.

Thanks to Marc and a couple of large packages I received recently from reader Chris K, my Pacific collection isn't so sad anymore.  I'm actually getting to the point where I have at least a decent representation of many of their sets.

This Board Members insert is so nice Marc included it twice!  I got the standard Topps version... well as the O-Pee-Chee Chrome version!

Here's one that pairs nicely with the previous card, this time from a Topps Chrome release though.  These Ice Masters inserts are new to me, but I like how they look for sure.  I'll have to take a look at who else is on the checklist.

My absolute favorite of the new Bourque cards I received is this Cool Trade card.  It is seriously shiny, and from what I can tell was a redemption of some sort.  One of the nicer Bourque cards in my modest collection, which now stands at over 75 unique cards.

Marc has also hooked me up with some pretty nice cardboard for my "players with the Cup" collection in the past, and this time was no different.  In fact, this Pinnacle Milan Lucic might by my favorite card in that small collection so far.

This Andy McDonald, which is an insert from the 2007-08 Upper Deck flagship set, isn't too shabby either!  Both of these have already taken their places in the binder, and I've now got two full pages of Cup celebrations and counting.  I'll have to share those two completed pages here sometime.

Marc, thanks again for the great cards.  These were a perfect fit for my collection.  I hope to find enough cards to get a return PWE off to you shortly!


JediJeff said...

Man - the fuchsia on the Board Members cards is brutal.

Dave H said...

Hahaha, Bourqued! I love it.

Marc said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the cards.

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