Monday, April 17, 2017

A Gifted '59!

Just a quick, one-card post today, featuring a card that Chris at The Collector was kind enough to send my way.  Check it out!

Chris had let me know a few weeks back that he had a '59 Topps card for me off of my want list.  When I received the PWE and pulled this card out I was pumped.  Not only is it a '59 that I needed in really good condition, but it's a dreaded high number:

Awesome stuff!

I've been a bit behind in trading/mailing since taking a promotion at work that has me putting in a lot of (stressful) hours, but I promise to get something headed back your way soon Chris.  Thanks again!


Chris said...

I think I was planning to send this in an earlier trade but it hadn't arrived from COMC yet. Glad I could help with your '59 set, I know how tough those pesky high numbers can be.

Hackenbush said...

Susce's father George Sr. was a catcher and long time coach. I found this obit of your George from the Boston Globe:

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