Friday, August 5, 2011

COMC Hobby Box - Packs 3 & 4 - Goalie Mask, Gold & Philosophy

Time for packs 3 and 4 in my Check Out My Cards hobby box...

Pack 3:

1959 Topps - #236 - Ted Bowsfield (RC) ($.71)

I told you there'd be cards from the 50's, and here's an example. This one's slightly off center but is crease-free with good corners and excellent visual appeal. To pick up a 1959 Topps Red Sox card in this condition for less than a buck was great. Why did it take me so long to use this site again?

The back mentions Ted's three victories against the Yankees in his rookie season. Fitting to show this one on the night those two teams kick off a weekend series at Fenway Park.

1973-74 Topps - #31 - Wayne Stephenson ($.39)

1973-74 O-Pee-Chee/Topps is one of those sets that is totally hit or miss for me. This one's a hit, and because of Stephenson's fantastic mask this is one of my favorite photos from the entire lot of cards I picked up. I'm pretty sure this is Wayne's first Topps card.

2010 Bowman - #126 - Clay Buchholz (Blue Parallel #'d/520) ($.65)

These blue parallels are pretty nice looking cards. Unfortunately Buchholz is on the DL with serious back issues. It's possible he won't see action again in 2011.

1985 Donruss Leaf - #60 - Ozzie Smith ($.30)

My very first '85 Leaf. I think the Leaf logo makes these slightly more appealing than regular 1985 Donruss.

Ozzie was a World Series champ and at the top of his game when this card was released. The back indicates that he'd won 5 straight Gold Gloves at short.

1994-95 Upper Deck SP Die-Cut - #121 - Pavel Bure ($.20)

I think I would've literally screamed if I had pulled this from a pack as a 12-year-old in 1994. Bure was an absolute scoring machine in the mid-90's. I love the look on the fan's face behind the glass.

When do you think we'll see back to back 60-goal seasons next? Will we ever see back to back 60-goal seasons again?


1975 Topps Mini - #244 - Bill Buckner ($.40)

I am loving these '75 minis. This guy had a solid career, and now that the Red Sox have a couple of recent World Series championships you can actually utter his name in Boston without getting a dirty look.


1995 Donruss Studio Gold - #25 - Tony Gwynn ($.15)

I remember my friends going crazy for these cards, which are designed to mimic credit cards. I thought this one was interesting because it shows just what an amazing season Gwynn was having when it all came to a crashing halt, right around this time in the summer of 1994. Would Tony have hit .400? Probably not but we'll never know.

Pack 4:

1992-93 Topps Gold - #493 - Pat Verbeek ($.20)

Some more Whalers love. I had a chance to snag an entire 92-93 Topps Gold set for a pretty reasonable price a couple of years ago, but passed. I've regretted it since. Oh well.

1993 Action Packed ASG - #151 - Joe Torre ($.25)

Action Packed cards ruled. There are so many cards I'd like from the 1993 baseball set, in fact I might have to just pull the trigger on a complete set one of these days.

1992 Topps Stadium Club - #520 - Wade Boggs ($.15)

Featured a few times recently at Night Owl Cards. One of the best Red Sox cards of the 90's. It's absolutely criminal that I didn't have this one until now.

1983-84 O-Pee-Chee - #207 - Rod Langway Norris Trophy Winner ($.17)

Did you know Rod was born in Taiwan? I always liked the O-Pee-Chee trophy winner subsets. The back of this one shows why number 4 is the greatest defenseman of all time:

1963 Topps - #96 - Lou Clinton ($.90)

Lou hit for the cycle in a game in 1962. That's all I've got...


2008 Allen & Ginter A & G Back Mini - #217 - Friedrich Nietzsche ($.25)

I was a philosophy major in college, so I couldn't pass this one up. Although now every time I see this guy's name I instantly think of Little Miss Sunshine. Great film.


2011 Gypsy Queen - #SF15 - Jason Bartlett (Sticky Fingers) ($.25)

Yeah, so I'm still not done with Gypsy Queen. I'm determined to finish this one off someday.

That's a wrap.

Pack 3: $2.80
Pack 4: $2.17
Running Total: $12.32

Packs 5 and 6 coming this weekend...


Fuji said...

Top 5 favorite cards from packs 3 & 4:

#5 - 93 Action Packed Torre (I agree... AP rules)

#4 - 92 Stadium Club Boggs (great photo)

#3 - 75 Topps Mini Buckner (love me some minis)

#2 - 85 Leaf Smith (the older I get... the more I like Leaf & OPC products of the 80's)

and #1 - 95 Studio Gold Gwynn (favorite player + unique concept = cool card)

Love this series! Headed off to see what you pulled in pack 5 and 6.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks Fuji! Glad someone is enjoying it!

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