Sunday, August 7, 2011

COMC Hobby Box - Aesop's Fables, The Hit King & My First Hit!

Here are packs 5 and 6 from my Check Out My Cards hobby box:

Pack 5:

2010 Topps Tribute - #GR-100 - Tortoise vs. Hare (Greatest Rivalries Revisited) ($.25)

I had to have some non-sport, oddball subjects to mimic Allen & Ginter, and this one fit the bill.

2011 Gypsy Queen - #32 - Carl Crawford (Framed Paper #'d/999) ($.40)

The Gypsy Queen framed parallels are probably my favorite cards released in 2011. Maybe this one was so cheap due to Crawford's sub-par 2011 so far...

1974-75 Topps - #224 - Mike Murphy ($.15)

Former head coach of the Los Angeles Kings and Toronto Maple Leafs. Current vice-president of hockey operations for the NHL. More importantly though, a card off my 74-75 Topps Want List.

1995 Upper Deck - #365 - Cal Ripken Jr. ($.25)

Interesting shot of an older looking Ripken Jr. sliding into home. I'd like to bust a box of this stuff sometime.

1992 Mother's Cookies Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters - #4 ($.35)

In 1992 Mother's Cookies put out an 8 card set to celebrate Nolan Ryan's 7 career no-hitters. It's pretty obvious from the photo that this one celebrates number 4.

I like that the back of each card gives a breakdown of the date the no-hitter occurred, as well as Ryan's pitching line from that game. Number 4 came when he blanked the O's in 1975.


1986 Fleer Mini - #40 - Pete Rose ($.24)

Baseball's all-time hit king. It's a shame that we don't get to see Rose featured in any of the modern day sets.


2010 Bowman - #BT75 - Kevin Youkilis (1992 Bowman Throwback) ($.22)

Yeah, another 1992 Bowman throwback.

Pack 6:

1982 Donruss - #387 - Yogi Berra ($.21)

Somehow I hadn't seen this card before. It was in my cart about five seconds after I laid eyes on it.

2010-11 Upper Deck - #GJ-DC - Dino Ciccarelli (Game Jersey) ($.99)

My first hit is a Dino Ciccarelli sweater. A North Stars jersey card of the Hall-of-Famer for 99 cents...yes please!

1992 Mother's Cookies Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters - #6 ($.30)

Here's no-hitter number 6, which took place against Oakland in 1990. The A's were not a team of slouches that year, with 103 wins and guys like Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, and 27-game winner Bob Welch on the roster. 43-year-old Ryan ripped through their lineup, striking out 14!!! Not too shabby for an old man.

1995-96 Emotion - #137 - Jaromir Jagr ($.25)

Looking forward to seeing Jaromir lace up the skates in the NHL again this year.

1973 Topps - #627 - Luis Alvarado ($.50)

I've wanted a copy of this since I saw it on Night Owl Cards a long time ago. This one speaks for itself.


1975 Topps Mini - #255 - Dwight Evans ($.89)

I doubt there are many baseball fans who couldn't answer the trivia question on Dewey's card:


1994 Flair Hot Glove - #2 - Will Clark ($.57)

This is another one I've had my eye on for some time, I'm happy to add it to my Clark collection. This is a die-cut card done right. I might have to search out the rest of these.

Pack 5: $1.86
Pack 6: $3.71
Running Total: $17.89


Jim from Downingtown said...

Where is Alvarado playing, at the Rec Center at 4th & Lexington?

Hackenbush said...

Great stuff!

Fuji said...

Pack 6 is your best pack so far... and not just b/c you picked up a HOF memorabilia card for $.99.

I had to do a top 5 for this pack alone:

#5 - 82 Donruss Yogi (great photo + underrated design + legendary player = cool card to get autographed in person)

#4 - 10/11 UD Game Jersey Ciccarelli (i love how easy it is to find HOF memorabilia cards for under $2 these days... but $1 is still considered a steal in my book)

#3 - 94/95 Emotion Jagr (glad to see someone else who appreciates 90's Emotion sets)

#2 - 75 Topps Mini Dewey (great set + great player = great card)

#1 - 94 Flair Hot Glove Clark (love this insert set!)

Brad said...

Hey I think I clicked on a link
from your blog that directed me to a website that sold individual cards (not check out my cards) that you used to help complete a set - now i've totally misplaced the link ... any idea what it would be?

shoeboxlegends said...

Hey Brad,

I'm guessing that the link you clicked was for Sportlots ( I've learned that COMC is better for higher priced cards or stars, but Sportlots is great for set building/commons. Hope that's it!

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