Friday, August 19, 2011

COMC Hobby Box - A Freakin' Double?!?!

Here are packs 17 and 18 from my Check Out My Cards hobby box.

Pack 17:

1973-74 Topps - #160 - Syl Apps ($.36)

Absolutely awesome in-game shot of Syl chasing after a stray puck from a face-off. I wish all the 73-74 Topps/O-Pee-Chee cards had photos like this one.

2008 Stadium Club - #63 - Kevin Youkilis (First Day Issue) ($.19)

Believe it or not I got a double in my own COMC hobby box! When the shipment arrived from COMC and I started scanning I had a recollection of already having this card for some reason. Turns out I received it in a package over a year and a half ago. The worst part is I had this cataloged and organized, put away right where it should be. I have no idea why I picked it up without bothering to check on whether I already had it. Getting a double in a box of cards you picked out yourself, pretty sad...I'm surprised that this was the only mess-up out of 169 cards. Can't complain about that "collation" I guess.

1993-94 Action Packed - #BH1 - Bobby Hull Prototype ($.50)

I was a sucker for Action Packed's embossed cards back in the day. They made precious few hockey cards, I think just a few promos like this one in the mid-90's. I know there is at least one other, this same Hull card but with the entire card covered in gold foil.

1985 Topps - #278 - Darryl Strawberry ($.25)

For some reason 1985 Topps is the one 80's Topps set that I just don't have a whole lot of. If you had told me as a kid that I could have this card for a quarter I think my head would've exploded.

1992 Mother's Cookies Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters - #7 ($.35)

Getting close to wrapping this set up. This is the 7th of 8 cards. I really need to start a Nolan Ryan binder one of these days to sit alongside my Will Clark one. This might be Ryan's most impressive no-hitter. 16 strikeouts and just 2 walks, and done at age 41!!!


2007 Allen & Ginter Mini - #39 - Brooklyn Bridge ($.10)

Not going to lie, I picked this one up solely based on the fact that it cost a dime.


1992-93 Upper Deck Gordie Howe Heroes - #24 ($.25)

Yes another Howe Heroes card, and not the most exciting card by any means. Only one more of these in the break, I promise.

Pack 18:

1995 Upper Deck - #100 - Ken Griffey Jr. ($.20)

I'm guessing based on the crowd sitting around in the background and the fact that Jr. is wearing a hat rather than a helmet that this shot is from a Home Run Derby possibly? Can anyone confirm?

1974-75 Topps - #244 - Phil Esposito Hart Trophy ($.43)

Now at 38 cards and counting left to go in this set. As a Bruins fan I couldn't pass on this one for the price, regardless of whether I'm chasing the set or not. I love how the back states that the Hart Trophy winner also gets a check for $1,500. As you can see the B's OWNED the Hart trophy in the era when this card came out:

1982 Topps - #168 - '81 Leading Relievers - Bruce Sutter & Rollie Fingers ($.21)

Honestly, can you think of a card featuring better facial hair from two different Hall-of-Famers? I challenge you to come up with one. This card filled a nice empty slot in my '82 Topps binder as well.

2009-10 Upper Deck Champ's - #37 - Nicklas Lidstrom ($.25)

The Stamkos from earlier in these posts brought me to within 2 cards of completing this 100 card short set, and with this Lidstrom I'm now just a single card away. If anyone has #71, Brian Leetch, please let me know!

2011 Gypsy Queen - #36 - Vladimir Guerrero (Framed Green) ($.63)

Yet another GQ parallel...


2008 Allen & Ginter A & G Back Mini - #176 - Claude Monet ($.19)

What can I say, I guess I'm on a French kick lately after my first ever trip to the country back in May/June...


1995 Sportflix UC3 - #CS 10 - Will Clark Cyclone Squad ($.22)

Trust me, this looks way better in hand than it does in the scan. Although cheesy, I loved the UC3 set back in the day. You can find hobby boxes dirt cheap, I very well may bite the bullet one day and go for it.

Pack 17: $2.00
Pack 18: $2.13
Running Total: $54.13

Coming up in packs 19 and 20 we'll see my third hit, a rock legend, and a Tom Seaver hot pack!


Hackenbush said...

Another great pack. You're not the only one to hand pick a double. I did it just recently,

Dave H said...

Hey! Upper Deck used that exact Bobby Hull photo for 08-09 OPC Retro.

Laurens said...

Junior at the 1994 Home Run Derby in Pittsburgh.

Fuji said...

Love the Action Packed Hull prototype... wish they would have produced a hockey set.

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