Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Sox Collection - 2011 Topps Black Adrian Gonzalez

Haven't had much time for anything this week, and certainly not for a post that requires more than 5 minutes worth of time. So, in lieu of a long post with many scans I'm just going to post a card that's been sitting in draft format for a couple of months anyway. It's as good a time as any to post it, given the subject's absolute demolition of Texas Rangers' pitchers the last couple of days.

2011 Topps - #425 - Adrian Gonzalez (Black Parallel #'d/60)

Throughout the season I've been trying to add some unique Gonzalez cards to my Red Sox collection. His 2011 Allen & Ginter auto may not be in my price range, but there are still some nice cards to be found at a decent price. The 2011 Topps base set is my favorite out of the 5 released since I got back into collecting, and these black parallels look really nice. This card is somewhat scarce being numbered to just 60, yet still affordable at just $6.50 ($9 if you include shipping).

Heading into tonight's action in Arlington, Adrian's on the verge of the 100 RBI mark, to go along with a .347 batting average, 21 home runs and 38 doubles. MVP?

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