Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New (Old) Milt Schmidt

With the 2012-13 (I guess really just 2013) NHL season getting underway today I figured it would be the perfect time to resurrect this card from the draft folder, where it's been for a long time now.  Here's the ninth Milt Schmidt card in my modest collection:

I'm sure you've seen this fantastic 1965-66 Topps Schmidt card elsewhere, Casey over at Drop the Gloves picked up an awesome copy a while back.  This card is all about the vintage Bruins sweater, which you can get a better look at on the card I posted on Milt's birthday last year.  I actually picked this one up just over a year ago, in January of 2012 but never got around to posting it.  It set me back less than the cost of a blaster, and that's including shipping if you can believe that.  Some of that may have stemmed from the fact that the seller listed this as a 1967 Topps Schmidt on the auction.  Not sure how they made that mistake with the year staring them in the face in bold type on the PSA slab but I'll take it!

I hope this card will be a good omen for the 2013 Bruins team, and I'm looking forward to the season opener tonight against the Rangers.  Happy hockey season to all NHL fans, whoever you cheer for.  Except Canadiens fans, of course.

1 comment:

Classic Card Collector said...

I enjoy a nice coach in a sweater card, though I am actually more impressed the back of the card is not scratched.

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