Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marc Knocks 25 Off the Want List!

Recently I was contacted by a reader named Marc who had a few cards off my Want List to send my way.  We quickly worked out a trade.  Marc's a Luc Robitaille collector, so I sent him a Robitaille Masterpieces swatch and a couple of odd Bruins cards.  In return, I got 25 cards that I needed towards my 1993-94 Upper Deck SP inserts set.  I won't show you every card but here are some select favorites:

The checklist for this set is organized alphabetically by team, so the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (they were still mighty back then) and the Bruins are the first teams on the checklist.  I always forget that Jon Casey played one season in Boston.  Maybe it's because I was still a Whalers fan then and hated the B's.  He turned in a pretty great year too.  You could argue it was the best season of his career as he turned in 30 wins against 15 losses, recorded a sub-3.00 GAA and posted a career-best 4 shutouts.

There were some pretty big stars included in the lot, like this Jeremy Roenick card.

Here's a nice Bill Ranford card.  A solid action shot, but still not as nice as the Ranford card that Paul from Cardboarded posted yesterday.

Believe it or not I still need some Hartford Whalers cards from this set.  Two of them were included in Marc's package, Michael Nylander...

...and one of my all-time favorites, the little ball of hate, Pat Verbeek!

Here's a card that I would have been totally pumped to pull from a pack in 1993.  In retrospect though, he turned out to be a huge bust.  He was such a big deal for a year or two there during the prime of my childhood collecting that to this day I still feel like I'm holding something more than a common whenever I get a new Daigle card.

Joe Sakic might be my favorite card of the package.  There's just a whole lot of blue here, the perfect Nordiques card.

Recently retired vet Mark Recchi was in the bubble mailer as well.  I still associate him most with the Flyers and Penguins teams of the '90s, but I will always remember fondly the role he played for the Bruins at the tail end of his career.

We'll close it out with a couple of goalies, a nice shot of Cujo playing the puck along the boards...

...and everyone's favorite '90s Leafs netminder, Felix Potvin.  With these 25 I now have 121 of the 180 cards in the set, just 59 more to go and I can cross this one off the list for good!

This was a great trade package, but best of all I've made a new friend in the collecting world in Marc.  He's a Bruins fan, which makes him a stand-up guy in my book, and he lives right in my neck of the woods.  In fact we've even been to some of the same card shows in the past.  Thanks for a great trade Marc!  I will certainly keep in touch and hopefully we can meet in person at a show someday soon.

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