Friday, May 9, 2008

Mantle's Blast

My very first subject for the 1953 Topps Project was Chuck Stobbs, a pitcher for the Washington Senators. In the post, I talked about the 565 foot blast that Mickey Mantle hit off of Chuck during the 1953 season, by all accounts the farthest home run ever hit at Griffith Stadium.

Because of this, when I saw this 1961 Topps card that pays tribute to that home run, it became one of those cards that I simply had to have in my collection. The front of the card shows an old photo of Griffith Stadium, with a trajectory of the home run ball overlaid. It's really impressive to see a visual of just how far this ball was hit. The back of the card actually indicates that the ball landed two blocks away from the stadium!

Cards like this one are the reason I love collecting...

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