Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Rip - Two More 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Packs

Time for a couple more packs of 2009 O-Pee-Chee from the discount blaster I picked up in May.

Normally I detest Carlos Lee cards.  He seems to be that guy I always pull on the rare time I pick up packs of mid-tier or high end product.  This one's beautiful though.  On a personal note, I like that my initials are right next to the baseball along the top of the photo.

Seth Smith is apparently still in the league and playing for the team I just referenced, the San Diego Padres.

This isn't the most original shot but I do like that it's at least from an angle you don't see everyday.

Not too bad, my second Red Sox insert of the blaster.  This was apparently the box meant for me.

Since I'm not interested in the majority of the black parallels, I think I've already sent this card out in a trade package, and if I haven't I will be doing so soon.

A nice finish to the pack with a Koji Uehara rookie.  Even though he totally imploded towards the end of this year, I'll always remember him fondly as a member of the 2013 World Series Championship team, and for being as near to perfect as you can be in relief for well over an entire calendar year.

Pack 2!

Leading off with a really nice catcher's gear photo of one of the game's premier backstops.

This was an interesting one, I can honestly say I'd never heard of Keiichi Yabu before.  He was a mediocre pitcher in Japanese baseball before making his MLB debut in his late 30s.  Was actually released by the Giants prior to the 2009 season, but I love cards of obscure players like this.  Probably my favorite card in this pack.

Off to the trade box.  I really need to find a Royals fan who wants to swap Royals for Red Sox, as I've got a ton of Royals cardboard cluttering up my trade box at this point.

I love that this set uses these great stadium shots on the team checklist cards.  I've never been to Wrigley but would love to see a game there someday while it's still around.

Even the good sets have their boring cards...

...and this pack happens to end with two of them.

That's a wrap for today...


John Hazen said...

I found these at Meijer's for on their discount blaster rack.

Marc said...

Carlos Lee.... Admittedly, initials are nice. But, how cool would it be if you looked closer and saw your own name?

shoeboxlegends said...

Oh man look at that! Couched nicely right around the player too. That's great.

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