Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mark Kaz PWE

I've decided that this is going to unofficially be "trade week" here on the blog, as I attempt to get through the generous pile of trade packages that are sitting on my card desk.  Today I've got the latest batch of 9 Sox cards to arrive via PWE from my buddy Mark Kaz.  How's that for a nice play-at-the-plate photograph?  I know I've said this at least once or twice before, but I'm a big fan of the nice, clean design of the 2003 Donruss set.

You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but I was actually excited to receive this Upper Deck Forty Man card of Jason Shiell.  Why?  Well, I love the obscure, and this is my first card of Jason, who had a very brief career with Boston (17 total games in 2003).  I'm working on figuring out how many all-time Red Sox I have cards of, and it was nice crossing Jason off of that list.

A nice T205 Kelly Shoppach here.  Kelly came up with Boston in 2005 but was quickly dealt away to the Indians in the deal that brought Coco Crisp to Boston.  He'd come back for another short stint with the Red Sox years later.  Appears to be done playing at the highest level, as he hasn't seen MLB action since 2013.

This Donruss World Series card from 2004 is nice for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, it's one of the few cards I was missing for my team set from this release.  Secondly, the trade that brought Cabrera into town (and sent Garciaparra out) is widely cited as a major turning point in that historic, curse-breaking 2004 season.

A nice Gold Coming Attractions card from the 1994 Topps set.  Cory Bailey would see action just 16 times with the Red Sox, whereas Scott Hatteberg would play in over 450 games with Boston over 7 seasons, primarily as a catcher/DH.

At first, I thought I already had a copy of this 2001 Topps Kent Mercker, but this one is the "Home Team Advantage" version.  Mark is great about checking my Zistle collection before sending, so I should have known!

It's funny how things come in bunches, as I seem to be receiving these Hygrade All-Time Greats cards in quite a few trade packages recently.  I must be nearing all of the Red Sox cards from the set at this point.  This one is particularly appreciated, as I have just a handful of Joe Cronin cards (none from his playing days...yet anyway!).

I am a huge fan of the Topps Pro Debut sets, and the 2011 release in particular is a favorite of mine, so this Sean Coyle was an awesome throw-in by Mark.  Sean's been advancing through the Red Sox minor league system, but has been struggling at the plate with AAA Pawtucket this year, batting well below the Mendoza Line. 

Some prospect websites I read while typing this up said he's best in the field at second base.  Not a great position to play in the Boston farm system with Dustin Pedroia in your way on the big league club.

We'll close out with...a closer!  The Metal Universe sets are just the '90s in a nutshell to me.  They're obnoxiously loud, shiny and busy, but to me that's not a bad thing.  For whatever reason I have very few of these in my Red Sox collection, so this was a quality addition.

Mark, I appreciate the new cardboard as always.  A return PWE was shipped off to you in yesterday's mail, hope you enjoy it!


Mark Kaz said...

See, this is why our trading relationship works -- you get excited for the obscure team guys as much as I do! LOL! In your next PWE (slated to ship later this week), I'll have another pair of players you can cross off your all-time Sox list.

Nick said...

UD Fortyman is a great place to go for the most obscure players from your team's history.

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