Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jeff S Completes Two Sets!

I'm still sorting through my last gigantic delivery of cards from my friend Jeff S.  There were so many great, random cards inside the package (like the Antony Rizzo Pro Debut I featured a few days ago), but Jeff hit on some very targeted needs of mine as well.

For example, he knocked out the last two cards I needed to at long last complete the 1993-94 Upper Deck SP inserts set!

Cam Neely and Jason Arnott are now boxed with the other 178 cards that make up this set, what a feeling to complete this one after all these years.

At the same time, Jeff put the finishing touches on a baseball set I've been building for years, the inaugural Flair release.

Most of the cards I had left were semi-stars to stars of the day, and I just hadn't been fortunate enough to locate them on the cheap.

Very odd seeing Fernando Valenzuela in an O's uniform!

With the 300-card base set now complete, I'll turn my focus to the lone insert set that came with this release, the Wave of the Future cards.

Since I'm at it, here are a few more great Red Sox cards that Jeff included as well...

A nice old-school Bowman card of the new closer for the Washington Nationals...

...and from the same set, one of my favorite obscure Red Sox from the previous decade, Wily Mo Pena.  Wily could hit the ball a country mile, but it was the whole making contact part that was a challenge.  Still, it was fun to watch when he got a hold of one!

Speaking of obscure, one of my absolute favorite gems from this latest delivery was the 2013 Opening Day Wally the Green Monster card.  This is my sixth card of the team mascot, and I shamelessly enjoy every last one of them.  I'll have the 2015 version on the way whenever I ship from COMC next.

I alluded to these in a post the other day, my first look at 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes in person.

I really, really like this design, and plan to chase down the rest when time/funds allow.

In the meantime, Jeff got me off to a pretty great start towards a team set with this handful of stars.

To close it out, for no other reason than this is where I stopped scanning for the day, a beautiful 2014 Finest David Ortiz.  This might be my favorite design since those first few Finest sets of the '90s.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I've got many more awesome cards from Jeff to show off down the line.  Time to give my scanner a rest though...

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Kyle D said...

Can get you started on the Wave of the Future along with a number of hockey and baseball cards if you're interested in trading.


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