Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twin PWEs - Bruins and Whalers

In recent weeks I've received a couple of hockey-themed PWEs that I thought I'd combine into one post in an effort to get caught up on my trade packages...

First up, I got a nice envelope of Bruins from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes.  If I recall, I asked for them when Jeff said he had a bunch of extra hockey cards he was willing to mail out by team.  There were a wide variety of Boston Bruins to be found in the package, including this Glen Murray, which is my very first look at 2014-15 Black Diamond.  Never been much of a fan of the Black Diamond releases, but I do like the player selection here as you don't see Murray represented in too many modern-day sets.

Unlike with the Whalers, my junk wax era Bruins collection is pretty lacking.  There's a simple explanation for that, and it's that I was too busy chasing Whalers cards at the time since they were still in the league.

A nice SP insert of the second-best defenseman in Bruins history.

I'm a total sucker for the Electric Ice parallels (and their Electric Diamond baseball counterparts) from the mid-'90s.  This Jozef Stumpel is a new one for me, and how about that facial expression?

That's Sergei Samsonov behind all that spraying snow.

With names like Murray, Samsonov and Allison this package was really a throwback to some of those less successful Bruins seasons right around the turn of the century or just afterwards.  They were a tough team to watch back then, but I watched quite a bit nonetheless.

Some more junk wax gems...

My favorite card from the PWE was this Prizm Loui Eriksson.  It's number 301 in the set.  I think Prizm, when it first came out, only went as high as card #300, and this was actually released in a multi-set product after Panini lost its hockey license.  Too lazy to look it up and confirm though.  I'm just happy to obtain another one of these shiny beauties.

We'll close it out here with a couple more mid-'90s gems...

A nice variety there, and these are certainly appreciated, thank you!  Jeff also included a bunch of Whalers cards in his PWE (it was so thick that it required multiple stamps), but unfortunately I already had every last one of 'em!  What can I say, it's getting harder and harder to find holes in my Whalers collection.

That's okay though, because just a few days after Jeff's envelope, I got a delivery from my buddy Douglas over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store that did precisely that!

This might look like an average 1994-95 Parkhurst card, but it's from the Parkhurst SE set.  Fancy!

Remember Alexander Godynyuk?  Don't worry, I barely do myself, and I was following the team pretty closely back then.  You'll certainly know him by the end of this post though!

I knew this Emerald Ice parallel of tough guy Jim McKenzie was heading my way, as Douglas already posted it on his own blog when he pulled it from a repack a while back.

More Godynyuk!

Even more Godynyuk!

Okay, did Douglas buy a collection off of some Godynyuk super-collector or something?  Unreal.

Now, for the highlight of the package, one of the only Whalers game-used/relic cards I can ever remember receiving in a trade:

How cool is that?  I know relic cards aren't what they used to be, but this one featuring a nice, large, multi-colored swatch brought a smile to my face.

Thanks for the hockey cards gentlemen!  With the way the Red Sox are playing this year the NHL season can't get here soon enough!  These PWEs were a nice reminder that puck drop is just around the corner...


JediJeff said...

Bummer on the Whalers, but I know you are close to capacity on them. My guess on the Eriksson is that is came from a box of 13-14 Rookie Anthology. Panini was dumping all their NHL cards into that release and I recall pulling a lot of Prizm and Select in the packs.

shoeboxlegends said...

Yup, that's the name of the set I was thinking of but was too lazy to research. Thanks Jeff, and thanks again for the B's cards! No worries on the Whalers, they've been added to my trade list on Zistle so they'll hopefully find a good home soon enough.

buckstorecards said...

I was getting a good number of cards from a sportlots source, and decided to throw in a few Whalers to reach the shipping threshold for the seller. I can't recall how I settled on Godynyuk cards though. I remember nothing about him except an unflattering nickname he picked up in Toronto that described his defensive skills - The Human Pylon.

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