Saturday, August 15, 2015

Premier League Week 2 - More Crusty Old Soccer Cards

Week 1 of the Barclay's Premier League season is already in the books, and it was definitely an exciting first weekend.  My favorite team, Liverpool, looked to be headed for a scoreless draw against Stoke City until Philippe Coutinho buried one with just a few minutes remaining in regulation.  Probably the biggest surprise of the weekend was West Ham United taking it to Arsenal 2-0.

Week 2 action actually kicked off yesterday, with Manchester United topping Aston Villa 1-0.  The bulk of this weekend's games will be played today and tomorrow, although I've gotta wait until Monday to watch Liverpool finish off the week against Bournemouth.  In the meantime, how about a couple more obscure 1960s soccer cards?

If you're a fan of the Blackburn Rovers (I confess to know very little about them), then you certainly recognize the name Ronnie Clayton.  He appeared just shy of 600 times with the team in almost two full decades of play.  He's an important enough part of the team's history that one of the four sections of their current stadium, the Blackburn End, was actually renamed to the Ronnie Clayton Blackburn End. 

Ronnie made over 30 appearances with the English national team during his career as well, and even served as captain a few times.

Jim Langley bounced around between a few different clubs at multiple levels of English football, however he's most fondly remembered with Fulham, the team he's listed with on this card.  He played with Fulham for 8 seasons, longer than with any other club, and as the card indicates even got in a couple of games with the national team during this time period.  On a side note, I love that this was the best photo the folks at A & BC could drum up for this card.

Alright, enjoy week 2 everyone!

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Anonymous said...

That Blackburn Rovers jersey (kit?) looks interesting. It looks like they still have the alternating black/white thing going, but it doesn't extend to the collar as it does on this card... Too bad, I like that detail.

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