Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Surprise PWE from Dimebox Nick

I received two nice surprise PWEs in the mail this past week.  I'll cover the first one today, from everyone's favorite dime box bargain hunter, Nick!

Both of the PWEs I received contained some Topps Bunt cards, with Nick providing me with a Roger Clemens.  As a low price point release, I'm definitely a fan of this set.  Seems like most collectors feel that way, or at least the cross-section of blog posts I've read on the set.  I picked up just a single hanger pack of these and pulled no Red Sox cards at all, so it was a nice surprise to receive this one.

Bunt wasn't the only (relatively) new release I found in this package, as Ryan Hanigan here hails from the 2016 Heritage High Numbers set.  Definitely needed this one!

Keeping it rolling with the 2016 releases, here's a Topps Sticker of (your AL Cy Young Award winner?) Rick Porcello.  Does Topps release a book for collectors to stick these in like they used to?  I'm so out of touch.

Here's a nice Future Stars Gold parallel of lefty Eduardo Rodriguez.  On the whole, he seemed to regress a bit this year, and had to deal with some injuries as well.  It was not the season that I, or any Red Sox fan, had hoped for from Eddie.  He did show the occasional flash of brilliance though, and is still quite young.  I expect that we'll see him towards the back of the rotation to begin 2017.

Here's another one from the recent Heritage High Numbers set.  I believe you got a couple/few of these black-bordered parallels in each hanger pack.  I definitely don't have too many Pomeranz Red Sox cards yet, and I'm rarely lucky enough to pull Red Sox parallels on my own so I'm grateful that Nick thought of me for this one.

I have to say that the MLB Debut inserts from this year's Topps flagship set are some of the better inserts I've seen in the flagship effort in some time.  Just my opinion of course, but I like these where I generally find Topps inserts to be boring if not awful.  Boggs debuted just a few months before I was born...boy I'm starting to get old.

I'm not sure if Nick read here on the blog that I'm making a concerted effort to wrap up with the Kellogg's Red Sox cards this year, or if it was just chance that he included this one, but either way I'm happy!  This '72 Sonny Siebert is one I'd yet to track down, just perfect.

Just one more 2016 card here.  It looks like a near certainty that Rusney Castillo will go down as one of the biggest contract busts in the history of the franchise to date.  If this turns out to be his final Stadium Club card, he sure got a nice one at least.

How perfect is this card?  This might be the most 1990s card in my entire collection.  The obnoxious color scheme, the design, the fonts used, Scott's turtleneck.  The Classic releases are an admitted guilty pleasure of mine, so Nick really hit a home run with this one.

How about another odd-ball release, 1988 Topps Woolworth.  Don Baylor is actually the first card on the checklist in this small set.  I believe Roger Clemens is the only other Red Sox player in this release, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for that one.

An Upper Deck SP card of Tim Naehring in the midst of a pretty good collision at the plate.  I'm going to say he was called out on this one.

How great is this 1987 Leaf card of legend Tom Seaver?  Easily within my top 3 favorite cards from the PWE, maybe my overall favorite in fact.  There truly were only a handful of Red Sox Seaver cards released in 1987, so it's a good day when I acquire a new one like this.

A perfect black-and-white posed shot on this Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic Yaz.  I don't recall having seen this set before (this is the 2005 release), but it's actually a nice design.

Here's another Yaz, this one a Topps Heritage insert paying homage to the '67 Topps Stickers.  I've got a few of the originals, but no Yastrzemski unfortunately.

Manny Ramirez recently appeared at the send-off ceremony for David Ortiz at Fenway Park.

Closing things out is a fantastic vintage odd-ball, Haywood Sullivan's 1961 Post card.  Every time I see one of these I'm impressed that it's survived all these years after being cut from a box.  I think Haywood here looks pretty good after 50 years plus.

Thanks for the nice surprise Nick, was a joy finding these in my mailbox!  I'm working on a return for you that I hope to have out soon.


Mark Hoyle said...

Nick must have unloaded all his Bosox this week. I also got a package from him

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an impressive PWE from Nick! Love the Post & Kellogg's... and even after 30 years, Tom Seaver with the Red Sox is just wrong. Of course, from my standpoint, Seaver with anyone but the Mets is wrong. Thank you, M. Donald Grant.

Funny thing... Yesterday I was going through a dime box and I ran across that very same Boggs MLB Debut card. I remember thinking "Eh, Shane probably already has this"... but I honestly can't remember whether I put it back or decided "what the heck" and threw it in my stack. I guess I'll find out when I have time to go through my stash.

Nick said...

Glad you enjoyed everything! I had a hunch you'd enjoy that Classic Cooper card because of the exact reasons you mentioned (does it get any more '90s than those Saved by the Bell borders?), and I'm glad to hear that hunch was on the money.

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