Monday, October 17, 2016

Buyback Franken-set: Ten from COMC!

Let's keep the buyback franken-set moving with another round of ten that arrived in my most recent COMC order...

1975 Topps #333 - Dick Drago

The bulk of what's been entered into the buyback franken-set so far came from a large lot I won on eBay.  Tonight's post is the first chunk of ten that I hand-picked entirely, so I guess it should come as no surprise that it starts with a Red Sox buyback.  Dick Drago had two stints with Boston, one in the mid-'70s and a second to close out the decade.  He's got some competition for card #333 though... airbrushed '78 Mariner vs. a '75 Topps Red Sox card.  Truth be told, I've been looking for an excuse to oust Jim Todd from the set since the day he first made the cut.

See ya!

1969 Topps #371 - Sal Bando

An interesting one here, the 1969 Topps release of the man who would be a key contributor for the back-to-back-to-back World Series Champion A's team the following decade.  I'm thinking those are palm trees over Sal's shoulder there?  No competition yet for card #371, Sal's in by default.

1966 Topps #53 - Bob Duliba

Another Red Sox buyback, and it won't be the last one in this post.  I actually ended up with two of these.  The other one looks like it was crumpled in a ball then run over by a bus, so it's this copy that makes the binder in slot 53.

1973 Topps #14 - Sonny Siebert

And we go three out of four Red Sox to start the post.  Sonny Siebert was a two-sport star who was actually drafted by the St. Louis Hawks of the NBA, as well as the Cleveland Indians.  He converted to pitcher not long after he began playing baseball professionally, and managed a no-hitter in 1966!  Sonny makes the set without any competition and is sitting snugly in the middle of the second page of the binder.

1967 Topps #130 - Phil Regan

This one was purely a case of being frugal.  You don't often see the Heritage buybacks listed for under a dollar, so I pounced on this one.  Phil's got some kind of mildew or mystery substance on his shoulders and chest, and he's also got some competition for #130 in the franken-set:

Pretty boring one here, even that completely '70s Astros jersey ins't enough to save Bob Watson.

'67 Topps trumps '79 Topps!

1959 Topps #73 - Ron Jackson

Don't have much to say about Ron Jackson, picked this one out just because '50s cards are pretty tough to land in buyback format.  In fact, I'm well over 130 cards into the franken-set now and this is just the second one from before 1960 (the other being a '58 Topps).  Ron's in.

1960 Topps #424 - Pete Whisenant

From my first '59 Topps buyback to my first 1960 buyback.  I don't have any amazing Pete Whisenant facts to share, looks like he was a role player/utility guy for the bulk of his career.  Either way, nice to get a card this old above #400 in the franken-set.

1974 Topps #192 - Mario Guerrero

Last Red Sox card for today, I swear.  I have no idea what happened to the upper right corner of this Mario Guerrero card.  Topps went with different color buyback stamps in the 2016 set that are supposed to represent scarcity.  Red is "limited", whatever that means.  I'm powerless against a new Red Sox buyback, regardless of how scarce or how commonplace it is.  Mario and his damaged corner are in for now.

1973 Topps #70 - Milt Pappas

Slot 70 in the binder was previously empty, but now it's home to the second Milt Pappas card to make the franken-set.  For now, based mostly on random chance, Milt is a member of a very elite club of players to appear in the franken-set more than once.  We'll see how long he retains that membership for.

1964 Topps #94 - Jim Britton/Larry Maxie

Last card for today, another Heritage buyback.  This is my first of the 1964 variety.  Jim Britton, whose name was completely covered by the buyback stamp here, gave up Johnny Bench's first career home run.  Larry Maxie is one of the more obscure Braves to get a card during this time period, with just two career MLB appearances to his name.

Out of ten new buybacks, eight made the cut no contest, and the two that did have competition both won out.  A pretty successful grouping right there, won't be long before I'm crossing the 150-card threshold!

Franken-set Progress:  137/792 (17%)


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GCA said...

Why would they put the stamp right over Britton's name? They couldn't put it in the middle? I have a '76 with the stamp covering the rookie cup. Must only be a couple different spots that the machine can stamp...

Shane Katz said...

Shane I have a couple you may need, I'll try to remember tonight.

shoeboxlegends said...

Thanks for the comments guys! John and Shane, I did not get your email addresses via your comments, if you see this feel free to drop me a line at shanediaz82 at yahoo dot com.

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